Christmas Memes That Prove It’s The Worst Holiday


Christmas season is coming up! That means we get to see all those family members we’d rather ignore for longer than an entire year and we have to pretend we actually enjoy spending time with them. It also means public alcoholism is slightly more socially acceptable. You’d think those two factors have nothing in common, but you’d be wrong.
So while we grow up as kids thinking Christmas time is the best thing ever, the first step towards adulthood is realizing that Christmas is a sort of social purging ritual. We talk to everyone in as short a time as possible so we can go back to ignoring them for the rest of the year.
And if you think I sound bitter, here’s a bunch of memes to prove how bad this holiday really is.



Try going somewhere without being bombarded by Christmas tunes. I double-dare you.

Everyone gets at least 10 shitty gifts for every 8 Christmas gifts they give. Don’t argue with the math, numbers don’t lie.

Christmas shopping. Name me five mentally stable people that actually enjoy it.

Also, Christmas gifts are fucking expensive. And everyone will claim it’s “about the gesture”, but it’s not. Just try to give them a 10 dollar gesture when they gave you a 20 dollar gesture and look at their faces. That’s how much it’s not about the money. You’re getting a 10 dollar gift next year, bro.

And to finish, the worst thing of all: there’s people that don’t just celebrate Christmas, they really, really, fucking celebrate Christmas! They go all out. And they annoy the hell out of all of us normal people that have seen through the Christmas bullshit. Don’t believe the hype, kids.