BFs Of Instagram Show Bachelors What They’re Missing


Being in a relationship has many perks, and society pretty much demands we find someone to share our lives with. And sadly, for some people, this search for true love seems to last forever. Then there’s people so certain of their youthful love lasting forever they feel the need to profess their sincere bond on a public restroom wall. Romance has many shapes and forms.
And now with Valentine’s Day fresh in our memories, some lads have decided to show the world what single guys are missing out on the most.
Next time you feel lonely because you’re single, look at these guys and realize it’s not all that bad, after all.



“Is this why our laundry never gets folded on time?”



“Wait until there’s some wind in my hair but make sure it doesn’t look too poofy because we’re very close to water and you know what humidity does to my hair. I’ve told you this ten times before and I honestly can’t believe I still have to mention this – it’s like you don’t listen at all. Also stop wearing that stupid shirt. They’re called sleeves, Todd. You should try them. Alright now on my mark – 3, 2, …”



I knew she was the one for me when I saw her wearing a matching Lakers shirt.

“Honey, you realize that although I’m taking this picture, it’s technically still my car, right?”



Poor guy…

We’ll crop it later.



Is this even how you use a selfie stick? Or is he doing a trendy thing where he’s using a selfie stick to turn an iPhone into a putter. That could be cool.



“Put me underneath this tree because I’m one with nature and it shows how connected I am to the Earth we all live on as animals struggling for survival and/or God’s children.”

#followmeto being reduced to a photograph-taking lap dog.



Smile, girls!

I know, it’s extremely weird watching an Asian man take a picture without the appropriate Photo-Fu pose.



Hell yeah girl, the lactation station! Woop woop!



“Crawl down on the floor and make us look social and likeable, Steven!”

This woman is looking at a bike like she’s from the 12th century and has no idea what it does.



“We’re so fun, we’re so fun! Take the picture Michael! We’re fun! NO, NOT LIKE THAT! TAKE THE PICTURE SO WE’RE FUN YOU F&”’#|&( A@#HOLE!”