6 Weirdest Things You Can Learn On WikiHow


Internet is a beautiful place. At least, it can be, if you don’t wander off into the infinite piles of creepy pastas, weird pictures, videos, and other data. You have your cat and dog GIFs all over the place, the TOP 10 lists on all imaginable subjects, and of course all kinds of tutorials. If you’ve ever Googled anything that started with “how to”, you’d be redirected to the wikiHow website, where chaos and order are in perfect balance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really great resource if you need help with something, but it also has some of the most unnecessary and random tutorials I’ve ever seen. So if you want to learn how to calculate Pi by throwing frozen hot dogs, or how to pretend to be a werewolf – just keep reading.


Here are 6 weirdest things you can learn on WikiHow!



1. How To Calculate Pi By Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs
Pi (or 3.1416~) is a really magical number, and not just because it’s infinite, and inside it you can find every possible number combination that has or will ever exist, but it’s also can be calculated via some unorthodox methods. This one in particular will require you to have lots of free time and a whole bunch of hot dogs. You know, I could describe to you in detail how this method works, but just trust me and go to the WikiHow (^^link’s up there^^). All I can say is that math is beautiful, and you should definitely throw a few hundred hot dogs to calculate the Pi!

2. How To Color Chickens
Sick and tired of your chickens looking the same day after day? WikiHow is about to tell you how to make them any color you want! Imagine the surprised faces of your fellow farmers when they see that the whitish/yellow chick and slightly brown chickens are now pink, blue, or yellow. This trick might even boost your sales, since strange-looking chickens will get way more attention, than those regular, boring ones.

3. How To Pretend You Are A Werewolf
It’s hard to find a real werewolf that would just bite you a little, so you could become like this lycanthrope, without him feasting on your entrails. Yeah, been there, done that. But, don’t fret, the Internet is here to help you! You don’t have to actually get bit by a furry death machine, you could just pretend to be one! In fact, there are FOUR wikiHow guides to help you do this. And the trick is to try to hide it, while making sure that everyone sees it. Sounds impossible, but it’s quite simple. Don’t know why a sane person would need this in their life, but it’s here, so might as well try it! Arooooooo!

4. How To Live/Act as Sherlock Holmes
Of course you’d want to sound and look smarter than you really are, so how exactly do you act like one of, if not the, smartest person to have ever (not) existed? Elementary, my dear reader. All you need to do is speak in a posh British accent, stare into things, and smoke a pipe. No, but really, there are quite a few things you’re gonna need to do before you can fool anyone, so why not just get smarter while you’re at it? Reading up on Mr. Holmes is, well, an education in itself and fun too!
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5. How To Cope With A Fear Of Tin Foil
We all have that one friend with an irrational fear of something, right? I knew a girl who thought the cats were after her. Same way there are people who are afraid of… tin foil? I don’t know, don’t ask. The world is full of weird shit. Either way, if you or someone you know has the tin foil phobia, WikiHow knows how to overcome it! Although, I’d personally recommend seeing a professional psychiatrist. They’d probably be more useful than a wikiHow article.

6. How To Pretend To Have Ice Powers
Disney’s “Frozen” has touched millions of kids (and adults), making pretty much everyone obsessed with Elsa, Anna, and the power of Ice. Unfortunately, you can’t be Elsa in real life, since her ice powers aren’t real, BUT there is a solution to that problem. You will have to fake the frost magic to impress your friends. Easy-peasy, right? Yeah, well, unless your friends are gullible idiots, this won’t work anyway, but the guide is still there.