40 Ryan Reynolds Tweets That Prove He’s The Hero We Deserve


If you’ve been to Imgur, 9GAG, or whatever site you’re using to get your daily laughs, you’ve probably seen Ryan Reyniolds’ tweets pop-up here and there during the past 2 years or so. Before, during, and after his movie “Deadpool” was released. And since you already know who the man is (a goddamn National Treasure, that’s who), it won’t come as a surprise that he’s ridiculously hilarious. And not just as Deadpool, that’s a whole different story.
His awesome tweets and Twitter responses have made my day at least 3 times today, so without further ado, let’s see those 40 Ryan Reynolds tweets, that prove he’s the hero we deserve!



1. What kind of monster would do that to their kid? The BEST kind!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (1)



2. Was her name something like Sssandra Sssneakysssnake? … Wow, that was lame, sorry.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (2)



3. Too real, Mr. Pool…
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (3)



4. INB4 someone offers a hand in finding the “it”.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (4)



5. Costume origin #1: the Slicepool
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (5)

6. Or realizing they will never understand how old technology works.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (6)



7. Sick burn, bro!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (7)



8. So… it’s a mmmaybe?
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (8)



9. You heard it right here folks, the SkullPoopL has spoken!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (9)



10. What is this, amateur hour on Twitter?
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (10)

11. He’d totally be #TeamStark
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (11)



12. She deserves all of that. Truly!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (12)



13. ‘Member when people thought Deadpool movie would bomb because of the R rating? I ‘member.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (13)



14. Just a slight obsession, nothing to worry about here, officer.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (14)



15. Not gonna lie, I’d watch the shit out of this.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (15)

16. That’s still more than what I’m making, so… wanna switch?
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (16)



17. That’s deep. Like, Jaden-Smith-deep…
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (17)



18. I actually used to think they’re the same person.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (18)



19. Not to brag but… those things you’re wearing right now? Yeah, that’s my stuff.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (19)



20. Costume origin #2: Nippool!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (20)

21. Don’t be silly, sharks don’t have cable!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (21)



22. So this alleged actor is trying his best to be funny on alleged social media, huh?
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (22)



23. Costume origin #3: Antpool!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (23)



24. That’s IF everyone inside is gonna keep breathing.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (24)



25. Probably inventing useless stuff like free energy or core for cancer.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (25)

26. This is gonna sound weird but… me TOO!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (26)



27. It’s fine, we can just cuddle.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (27)



28. Don’t change the subject!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (28)



29. Low blow, Bobby!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (29)



30. Baby tramp stamp? That sounds… reasonable.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (30)

31. At least he’s not BS’ing us, right?
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (31)



32. One of the finest ones, I might add.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (32)



33. I smell a bestseller!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (33)



34. He meant the FRIDGE! The fridge is absolute garbage. Obviously.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (34)



35. I know a few surgeons who would literally KILL for a pair of those.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (35)

36. Yeah, that book on parenting seems to be coming along nicely.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (36)



37. Science with Mr. Reynolds!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (37)



38. Can you blame him? Autopsies were so hot in 2015!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (38)



39. A joke so fine that if you blink – you’ll miss it.
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (39)



40. And here’s Ryan, basically, channeling all of the Internet’s desires!
funny-ryan-reynolds-tweets- (40)



For more of Ryan’s shenanigans, visit his Twitter account – @vancityreynolds!