30 Weirdest Snowmen From Around the World


Why do people love playing with snow so much? It’s super cold, it gets everywhere (and turns into water, eventually), it’s- it’s… okay, I’m all out of reasons why we shouldn’t have fun with snow. And since we’re talking about snow, have you ever wondered why we make snowmen and where that “tradition” comes from? Well, good luck sleeping tonight, because I have no answers for you, only more questions.
However, we do love creating stuff from different substances, like clay, dough, and, of course, snow. Some of the more talented creative people all around the planet have taken upon themselves to make some of the best-looking snowmen in the world! Lo and behold, puny snowball stackers, this is how you snowman!



Some of the strangest snowmen (or should I say “yukidaruma”) designs come from the country of the rising sun.

The bigger they are, the more “American” they look!

Thankfully, unlike in the rest of the countries, snowmen in China are quite delightful!

Even Russian snowmen are always drunk, what gives?

Eiffel Tower, scarfs, berets, baguettes, wine… all the stereotypes are here!

Great Britain
I’d say these are my personal favorite snowmen. Especially the last pic.