30 Most Fabulously Messed Up Panorama Pics


We’ve been spoiled by colorful panoramic photos with stunning views made by professional photographers. But when it comes to cheap cameras and smartphones, the results may come off as somewhat “unholy” to say the least.



Deformed heads, lack of body parts, and arms for days – that’s what makes these panoramic photos such a huge hit on the Internet. While the “panorama” mode has been a feature on cameras and phones for decades, people still can’t seem to figure out how the heck it works. Always remember that if an object in the frame is moving, you’ve already failed your panoramic shot.



Luckily, this lack of common sense has lead to some of the most fabulously messed up panorama pics ever!



Let’s start with some not-so-cute animals, shall we?


1. What the hell is up with that tiny elephant?



2. Mutant goat came up to say hi.



3. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your doggo could split in half?



4. That’s one long… looooooong cat.

5. And a vry shrt hrse.



6. A hop and a skip, and off he goes!



7. Man this cat looks cute AF.



How about some Inception-type pics! *BWAAAAA*


1. London bridge is folding in on itself!

2. This must be the “edge of the Earth” that the Flat Earth Society loves so much.



3. Imagine if this was a real wave.



4. It’s like some giant is making a lake sandwich.



5. This picture would really freak me out if I didn’t know it was a failed attempt at making a panorama.

And now to our favorite chapter – people!


1. Invisible man’s younger brother – the half-visible man!



2. So that’s how all those ghost pics were taken.



3. This is one of those “about to become a meme” pics you see all over Imgur.



4. At least she doesn’t need that anti-dandruff shampoo.

5. This dude may have been Picasso’s inspiration.



6. Big Foot? More like “Long Arm”, am I right?



7. This is not how you dispose of the body parts.



8. That’s your girlfriend when she tells you everything’s “fine”.

9. More floating heads!



10. Arms for days!



11. Come on, lady, pull his finger.