25 Creative (and Dangerous) Photo Ideas For Real Daredevils


We all have that one pretentious friend who says he’s “living on the edge” and does something stupid like take a swim in a polluted river, right? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I think that this sort of people makes for the best Instagram-influencers! I mean, you have all the ingredients right there: potentially dangerous/funny situations plus a good-looking person (usually) equals an attention magnet! Let them risk their lives and well-being, and we’re just experience those neck-breaking adventures vicariously through their Insta-stories. It’s a win-win for us!



What would you do to get a perfect shot like these? Link your Instagram photos in the comments below!



1. Just one of those mornings, huh?



2. Just looking at this picture is making me dizzy.



3. How does it feel to be a bear’s best friend?



4. Just three bros hanging out… of a helicopter 2,000 ft above the ground!

5. Just one wrong step and you’re a mess, honey!



6. Nope. Nope. Nope…. Next!



7. Holy banana muffin! Changed my mind, go back, go back!



8. Okay, maybe this pic does not scream “EXTREME”, but it still involves some physical exercises.



9. More of that impossible and potentially dangerous yoga, yay!

10. What could go wrong?



11. Ahh, more EXTREME yoga.



12. Great shot, it really is, but now what?



13. He looks like some kind of a superhero. A really lame, and fishy superhero…

14. Cool, there’s a possessed woman in the park, and I left my Holy Water in my other bag…



15. I feel like the phrase “stroking an eel” has at least two meanings.



16. Typical woman: her boyfriend’s about to die and all she thinks about is yoga.



17. Is it some kind of a secret ritual?



18. What does your mole look like?

19. Hold your breath, hon!



20. Surfs up, brah! Your turn to be the board today!



21. Man, when they advertise “stronger hair” they really mean it!



22. For some reason this hole freaks me out…

23. She has no idea why the water is blue. That’s fine, it’s better that way…



24. Simply amazing…



25. Ever heard that song “X gon’ give it to ya!”? Well, that’s the X.