23 Kids Who Took The Instructions Way Too Literally


Kids are generally pretty straightforward and, well, dumb. Don’t tell me your little monster is a genius, because he’s not. He probably still thinks democracy is an actual real thing. But anyway, even if they’re the most illogical little turds in the world, we still love… to make fun of them!
Sometime kids don’t fully understand what they are supposed to do with stuff. To be fair, even I don’t always understand what people want from me, and I consider myself to be, like, at least twice as smart as an 8 year old. And while I too prefer to stick to the instructions whenever possible, these 23 kids are taking it way too literally.



1. Can you guess what mom told her kid to do? “Too many grapes? Just eat half of them, honey.”



2. When a teacher asks your kid to bring a fish to school, you don’t ask questions.



3. Dad’s reaction to telling his son to keep his eyes on the ball is just freaking adorable.

4. The instructions say 15 cm, so that’s exactly what she’s doing.



5. This little dude was told he couldn’t go outside. So he didn’t. Technically.



6. Even though he failed this task, if more people did what they were literally told, our world would be a better place.

7. “Stop playing inside the house, and go outside, Jimmy!”
“Okay, dad!”



8. Whoever told him to use his chopsticks while eating at a Japanese restaurant is a sick maniac. Add me on Facebook!



9. He was told not to eat all of the strawberries. Just like that one dorm dude that never finished your soup or whatever because he didn’t want to wash up.



10. Someone told a wee little girl to put her shoes by the front door. She’s like a tiny little robot…

11. I’m thinking … Bobby? What kind of question is this?



12. Sure kid, let the pupper watch some dank memes on the Internet, so it learns how to sit, stay, play dead, and get bitches! As in, “female dogs”, ya perverts!

13. I see nothing wrong with this kid’s thinking process. Absolutely nothing wrong.



14. “If you build it – they will come!” Now that’s a reference this kid probably won’t get, but, to paraphrase it, “if you blow it up – you can bounce on it”. That’s what his dad told him anyway.



15. He was told the class will be sending letters to Santa. Letters, Coral! LETTERS!

16. I looked it up in Google, and it is in fact not Greenland.



17. Always remember to specify where exactly in the bathroom the stuff should go, because when you don’t this happens.



18. “All the poo goes in here, kid!”

19. These kids were told to organize their shoes. But why? We’ll never know.



20. I like the Tedison one. That’s a nice name for a square.



21. What did you expect? This might not be an Ordinary kid after all!

22. What is up with these stupid questions? 8 is an 8 and 6 is a 6, geez, book…



23. And finally one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in a while. The task was to draw hands on clocks. Hands on the freaking clocks people!