21 Weird Things You Can See Only In Airports


If you’ve ever traveled by plane, you’ll agree with me that airports have a very special atmosphere. Some arriving, others departing, but certainly all of them can tell you a fascinating story or two or share their experience. But if you’re like me, and don’t particularly like talking to strangers, just judge them from afar and make up your own stories!


Here are 21 weird, funny, and ridiculous photos from around the world, which prove that you can see pretty much anything in the airports!



1. Getting some sleep can be nearly impossible, but if you got zero baggage and a nice bod, you can just do this.



2. Cybermen be like “Delete that rust, human! DELETE! DELETE!”



3. I’m not sure if this is another robot, or Tony Stark, but that hand looks badass.



4. The non-sarcastic Dad of the Year Award goes to this dude!



5. Let’s hope it’s not a Samsung Galaxy.


6. See, she thinks she’s being funny. She doesn’t know that the TSA will not like the joke.



7. That’s like the deadliest, most extreme game of Jenga I’ve ever seen.



8. Now imagine his mugshots! The true god of inconsistency!

9. Hold on a second, aren’t those supposed to be reindeer?



10. What’s the worst that can happen? – mom, probably.



11. A perfect allegory of life.


12. If he didn’t beep, I’d be so disappointed.



13. Not the cleverest disguise, but it’ll do.



14. People can fall asleep in the strangest of poses.

15. I don’t know what’s going on and why she’s doing this, but I’m impressed!



16. Close enough… but the girl did it better!



17. His summer body is definitely ready.



18. If there’s an air conditioner in there, I’d move in right now.


19. At least she enjoys her ride.



20. And this is why we love our friends.



21. Awww… that’s cute!