21 Most Hilarious Reactions To “Sad Pope Meeting The Trumps”


Who ever said that being the Pope is easy? It’s not! You gotta pray all the time, and wear a silly skirt everywhere you go. Not to mention visiting all the countries and their leaders. You just know one of them will do something stupid. Don’t believe me? Just ask Pope Francis. Or you can just look at this photo of the Pope standing side by side with Donald and the rest of the Trumps. Is… is that a smile he’s trying to pull off? Or is it his grumpy face? Is the Pope even allowed to be grumpy?


Either way, this hilariously awkward photo was taken during Trump’s recent visit to The Vatican. You can even see how much fun he’s having (he’s the only one smiling), but you can’t say the same for Pope Francis. Just a few hours later the memes started sprouting out.


Here are some of the most hilarious reactions to “Sad Pope meeting the Trumps”.



1. Let’s start with the original.



2. Grumpy Pope is totally adorable.



3. That #widow killed me!



4. Damien? What’chu doing there? Get back to your mother, ya little devil!

5. You totally shouldn’t worry about that other guy.



6. I bet he thought something like “let’s just get this over with”



7. Nope Francis is my new favorite meme!

8. Stay strong, brother! Don’t let the Trumps ruin your mood… Too late.



9. Not gonna lie, I would love to see this version of the Exorcism.



10. Couldn’t have said it better myself, @ziwe



11. Here’s something for all you Harry Potter fans out there.

12. Ohhh, someone’s getting a “tsk-tsk” from their boss!



13. Classic Pope Francis.



14. Especially if it’s one of those hot cousins, am I right?

15. I’d say that’s a one fine day!



16. Find 10 differences!



17. That’s just like me when new people come by and they have beer.



18. Not today, Donald, not today.

19. The upgraded version of #4. Bigger, better, even more savage!



20. One of these things are not like the others!



21. Probably the funniest GIF in existence.