19 Accidental but Extremely Funny Cosplays


Have you ever wondered how you’d feel if you found out that you have a doppelganger in a cartoon or TV show, and suddenly everyone starts pointing out you look exactly like them? Yeah, me neither, but apparently it did happen to some people. Khal Drogo working as a librarian? The cook from Ratatouille, working as… a cook? There are many-many more lookalikes of popular characters, and even some classic paintings, than you’d expect.


Here are 19 people accidentally cosplaying characters from movies, TV, and cartoons!



1. Okay, fine, this is not a person, it’s an axolotl, but don’t these two couples look identical?




2. I hope he’s got a pet rat just for kicks.



3. Oh, man, I’m pretty! – classic Johnny Bravo.



4. There’s something about her eyes and smile…


5. You can’t make this stuff up!



6. That’s the bookworm Khal Drogo we all know and love.



7. It is seriously uncanny how similar these two are. Can she be the inspiration behind Moana’s design?

8. Same hair, same eyebrows, same face, almost the same look…



9. My man! Now that’s what I call cosplay!



10. I really hope the girl isn’t as moody as the thing on the left.


11. He’s too young to have children, so I’m gonna say it’s a clone.



12. Woah, is this the legendary fusion of Batman and Catwoman!



13. Is that Mr. Clean’s less happy brother?

14. Even animals aren’t safe from accidentally cosplaying someone or something.



15. Albert Einstein drives a cab.



16. When your bus driver looks like Walter White!


17. Mario and Princess Peach on their later years.



18. Felonious Gru is it you?



19. Is she looking for Bill?