20 Hilarious Photos That Are Too Perfect To Be A Coincidence


Some call it fate, others – destiny (which is crazy, because it’s, like, the same thing), and I say they’re all a bunch of cosmic coincidences. What am I talking about? All those weird situations where two or more things and/or people do something unusual that’s only visible under certain circumstances. Most of the time these funny coincidences are just perfectly timed photos, but other times it’s like the Cosmos itself has willed them into existence. See for yourself!


Here are 20 hilarious photos that are too perfect to be a coincidence.



1. She should read this newspaper.



2. Doesn’t that sticker on her laptop look a bit too much like the actual model for it?



3. When your socks REALLY match your shoes…

4. When your cups match your t-shirt…



5. Is this guy sitting inside the car or outside? Or BOTH?!



6. This is the Universe’s way of telling you that you suck at tennis.



7. This guy knows a great way to blend in

8. Is this a sorting hat from Harry Potter or just a party hat for one?



9. What are the chances of a Taylor truck meeting a Swift truck in this manner?



10. The pet shop … Boyes? Sure, why not?



11. Really?

12. I don’t think I would like to go to this restaurant…



13. Hands down, the best Rio Jesus impersonator I’ve ever seen.



14. If your logo is “WeFit” maybe don’t put it on a ginormous truck? That’s called “tempting fate”.

15. The packaging that requires a special tool to open it.



16. This is why the angle matters. (hint: look at the shadow)



17. Again with the fate tempting, are we?

18. I love your haircut, dude!



19. Just one word: Catmeleon.



20. When you perfectly match the bathroom