17 Geeky Nostalgia-Infused Tattoos To Remind You Of The Simpler Times


Remember the days when you’d wake up at 7 AM just to catch your favorite cartoons on TV? Yeah, well, I still do that, hah! Anyway, all those kids that were glued to the screens back then are now mostly boring adults with boring jobs, and boring families. But some of them wanted to keep their fond memories as close to them as possible – by inking their favorite cartoon characters on their body. To each their own, I guess, but these inks are really amazing!



Here are 17 geeky nostalgia-infused tattoos to remind of the simpler times.



1. Do you remember those wacky Cow and Chicken episodes?



2. Go-go, Gadget Tattoo!



3. I’ve always wanted to have my own vault full of coins…

4. Edgy Lisa Simpson is the best Lisa Simpson.



5. Watch out, football-head, you got a secret admirer.



6. I don’t remember Garfield being this bloody. Must be one hell of a Monday.

7. Sponge Bob is still a huge hit, but it’s really old in cartoon years. He’s like 40 now!



8. Three Monkeys: Millennial Edition.



9. Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight – that’s the Sailor Moon we remember!

10. You don’t mess with Mikey, unless you want to get shell-smashed.



11. If this tattoo is on his belly, it’s bloody genius!



12. Probably the cutest Pikachu episode in the history of Pokemon.

13. What does Hakena Matata mean? Eh, don’t worry about it.



14. Chip and Dale make a great team even in the tattoo form.



15. Darkwing Duck is far superior to Batman. Prove me wrong.

16. Rugrats was one of my favorite shows to watch before school. Great memories…



17. Daria, on the other hand, was amazing when life got more complicated (see: the college years).