16 Life Progress Pics That Will Make You Look Twice, Then Burst Out Laughing


Before-and-after photos have been popular since the beginning of Internet, but not like the new ‘progress pics’ that are all over the web right now. Reddit is going crazy over a number of life transformations that seem truly unbelievable at first glance, but not when you look at them twice! For example, do you know what happened to Beavis and Butthead after they moved out? Or what about the secret past of Mr. Putin? People share their stories and they are not like anything you’ve seen before! Here are 15+ life progress pics that will make you look twice and then burst out laughing.



What happens if you gather all your will and work out hard for 12 years in a row? This is what you become!



Keanu has been great at hiding his true nature for centuries, but things are a little bit different now. Nothing can escape the Internet!



There’s so much truth in this it almost hurts.

Why has no one ever noticed this before? Mike Dirnt turned his life around and became a new man!



Someone should turn this into a new TV show, ASAP!



Germany between 2005 and 2018. Does that sign Angela Merkel is making with her hands mean something?

It’s been a tough life, but I managed to grow up into the man I always wanted to be.



Want to shed 200 pounds in just one weekend? Easy-peasy!



This is one of those pics that will definitely make you look more than twice. But we should warn you – one can get dizzy after looking at it for too long!

It’s amazing what 2 months of healthy eating can do to a person.



I quit my boring job and started a business of my own – this is exactly where I want to be right now!

I left the hood 40 years ago and started praising the Lord. Here’s where my life has taken me!



Is there a way to drop 90 pounds in no time? This guy definitely knows how to do it!



Sid from Toy Story is all grown up now and seems like a pretty nice fella. He turned from a bully into a gorgeous actor!

This is where 15 months of hard work can get you. Just never give up!



I managed to quit my toxic life and now, 15 years later, I’m a different man. Eating healthy is the key!