16 Heartbreaking Pizza Fails


Pizza is one of the best culinary inventions of all time, that’s just a fact. And you probably know how hard it is to screw it up and make it inedible. It’s definitely hard but not impossible! Most of the time, it’s on the delivery guy, but home made pizza burnt to a charcoal cinder is also considered a screw-up.


Check out these 16 tragic and heartbreaking pizza fails! RIP … Rest in pizza :(



1. Sometimes you just gotta get there in 30 minutes no matter what! Just a heads up, there will be more of these later on.



2. I think I’m gonna throw up… Is it even pizza at this point? Looks more like someone took a dump on the dough and added some bell peppers.



3. How would you like your pizza, sir? Just dough and tomato sauce? Are you sure you don’t want some cheese or meat there? *hangs the phone* Goddamn vegans.

4. So now you want ALL the chicken on your pizza? Nah that’s not weird at all.



5. Spinach won’t make you strong like Popeye, you know that, right?



6. This looks too colorful to be tasty. Like, seriously, tone it down a notch!

7. Just grab one lil’ piece, they won’t even notice.



8. Someone must really hate Pineapple pizza. As for me, I freaking LOVE it!



9. Would you like your pie to be rare, medium rare, done, well done, or like super really well done?

10. I see 2 normal slices at least, but the rest… Who does that?



11. If this is home made – it’s perfect, but if that abomination came from a box – eh, it’s still pretty freaking good. Just a bit disfigured.

12. Same as the previous one, actually. Also, it looks like an amoeba. A really delicious amoeba.



13. I too like to separate my toppings from the dough. Said nobody EVER!



14. Ughh, this is really unsettling… I need to order Dominos, hold on.

15. So glad I had Dom’s instead of this frozen bullsh%t! Just look at it, it’s hideous!



16. And this is why I have trust issues.