16 Coolest Pokemon Items You Can Find On Etsy


I don’t know about you but I LOVE Pokemons, especially the handheld games like the recent Pokemon Sun and Moon, and, naturally, the merch! You can see Pikachu’s cute little face on everything from cars, shower curtains, and notepads to toilet seats, ice cream, and sneakers, and that’s just the official stuff. When it comes to fan-made products – imagination is the limit, meaning that, if you can imagine it, someone’s probably already selling it on Etsy.


And that’s what I’m here to show you today – 17 coolest Pokemon items you can find on Etsy.



1. The best Pokemon ever created – the legendary Missing No – can now become your key chain!



2. Make your trip to the ophthalmologist more fun!



3. Spice up your life with these fun Pika-briefs.

4. A cup full of pokememes? Yes please!



5. They look like Game Boy cartridges, but in reality it’s just… soap?



6. Evolution stones for your pets.

7. Pika-onsies are totally adorable.



8. Time to upgrade your phone.



9. This fabulous Misty-themed necklace would look amazing on you. Probably.

10. Pokeball coasters are a nice gift for all those Pokemaniacs.



11. These may look a bit weird, but how else would you make Pokemon into smoking pipes?

12. Some nightmare fuel for your kids.



13. If you play Pokemon TCG, you know how useful this mat is!



14. Pimp your ride with a Pikachu vinyl

15. This is how you can put your puppies inside of Pokeballs.



16. Zombie Pokemon are the best Pokemon.