15 Poor Animals That Had Too Much To Drink Last Night


Animals aren’t that different from humans. Have you seen those faces cats make when they look at you and those hilarious poses dogs sometimes recreate? They are just like us! They may not drink like we do, but they surely do sometimes look like they’re experiencing the worst hangover ever. Here are 15 poor souls that shouldn’t have drunk so much last night.



This guy will need a lot of water to get back in shape. Maybe he’ll drink up the whole lake!



We all have experienced that unpleasant moment in the bathroom when you’ve drunk way more than you should have. Hang in there, kittie!



Oh, the cold stone feels so gooood. And the cold water too! A long bath will make everything better.

It’s been a long night and now this poor lad needs to go hunting! The animal world is a brutal place.



That moment when you can’t think of anything but sleep. And maybe a few pills of aspirin.

It’s already morning and there’s a bright loud day ahead for this poor guy. He can’t even move a paw!



Who invented standing? Why does one need to get up? Not in this life, oh no.



When your head hurts and those little birds are singing too loud. Somebody, turn the sounds of nature off!

There’s nothing better than some cold water to freshen up when you have a hangover.



That feeling when your whole body is numb and you can’t move a limb.

This is what you look like when you get up in the morning and can’t recognize yourself in the mirror.



The party’s over!



All was going so well and you were having so much fun, until you dropped dead asleep right in the middle of the conversation.

This guy wants to turn back time so badly, but alas! Hang in there, buddy.



That last tequila shooter wasn’t worth it. Never again!