15 Hilarious Photos of Parents Sending Their Kids Back to School


Ah, September is almost upon us. For childless blue-collar workers like myself this means next to nothing. But parents who’ve been cooped up with their offsprings the whole summer, are suddenly freed from the responsibilities of watching over them, as school season is about to start! Finally moms and dads all over the world will have some much needed me-time. If that’s not a reason to throw a pool party with all your neighbors, I don’t know what is. It’s been a long and devilishly hot summer, so why don’t we all just make ourselves some cold drinks and praise the education system for taking those noisy kids in!

Here are 15 hilarious photos of parents sending their kids back to school.

1. These kids don’t seem too happy about going back to school.

2. These moms are so hilarious.

3. She’s celebrating like there’s no tomorrow!


4. “Thank you, Odin, for granting me strength!” – mom, probably.

5. Aaw, you kids are going to learn stuff? So sad to see you leave the house! No, really!

6. That’s my kind of party!

7. And that’s my kind of drink size!

8. Good job, Katty! You can now sleep all your troubles away.

9. They’re so sad, as if they’ve been banished forever. Good!

10. “Mooom, please stop! You’re embarrassing us in front of the internet!”

11. You’d think coming up with a funny comment would be easy here, but I got nothing.


12. Looks like these are the happiest parents ever 



13. Dude, that’s the happiest jump I’ve seen so far. He must really want his alone-time.


14. Who the hell dresses their kid like that?



15. I’m quite surprised they’re not drinking something harder.