15 Geekiest “Ugly” Christmas Sweaters of 2016


Are you ready for the biggest day of the year? Oh, yes, Christmas (or whatever you’re celebrating) is upon us! And what better way to celebrate Baby Jesus being born, than to get smashed on the ‘nogg, a while watching some holiday classic hit like Home Alone, and of course, wearing that old knitted sweater your grandma gave you 20 years ago. Okay, maybe you don’t have to wear that particular sweater, since you can find pretty much any design to match your personality, especially if you’re a geek.
2016 was a great year for us geeks, with all movies, TV shows, and video games. Naturally, you can get t-shirts, and hoodies, and whatnot, with your favorite characters, and quotes, but nothing says “I’m a big /insert fandom/ fan” than a so-called “ugly Christmas sweater”. Whether you want to get one for yourself or for a friend, these knitted masterpieces make for a great holiday gift. So, here are 15 geekiest ugly Christmas sweaters of 2016!



1. Fallout Pip Boy
With this sweater and a bottle of Nuka Cola, you’ll definitely stand out at your X-mas dinner!
Buy it here for $49.99



2. Adventure Time
Finn and Jake definitely know how to celebrate Cristmas!
Buy it here for $41.99



3. Star Wars BB-8
One of the cutest droids in all of fandom-verse is here to keep you warm!
Buy it here for $56.99

4. Captain America
Suit up in the classic Steve Rogers star-spangled sweater!
Buy it here for $49.99



5. Deadpool
You know how Wade loves his unicorns, right?
Buy it here for $27.99

6. Harley Quinn “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster”
You wanna (kinda) look like Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad? Here’s your chance!
Buy it here for $49.99



7. Batman/Gotham
10/10. Now you can go around the table asking your family “where’s the detonator”!
Buy it here for $49.99



8. Star Wars Yoda
Buy this sweater you should. My Yoda very rusty is.
Buy it here for $59.99

9. Vault Tec./Fallout
Another awesome Fallout-themed sweater.
Buy it here for $29.99



10. Super Street Fighter
Your little cousing may ask you if this is Goku doing the Kamehameha, to which the only reasonable response would be to hit him in the chest with both hands while yelling “Hadouken!” This totally did not happen to me.
Buy it here for 29.99



11. Santa Riding a Unicorn
It’s such a good deal, that it’s currently been sold out! Get on that refresh button, mate.
Buy it here for $19.99

12. Firefly
If you miss Firefly like me, and every other person who’s ever watched it – this one’s for you.
Buy it here for $34.99



13. Miles Morales Spiderman
Become the Spider-Santa this Christmas!
Buy it here for $51.99

14. Game of Thrones
What kind of geeky merch list would it be without at least one Game of Thrones sweater?
Buy it here for $29.95



15. Rick and Morty
Wubba-lubba-dub-dub, b#tches! Rick and Morty sweaters in da house!
Buy it here for $24.99