15 Actors, Politicians, and Celebs All Mixed Together by Guillaumetc


Imagine Barack Obama but with Dwayne Johnson’s face. Or Ed Sheeran playing Harry Potter… This Guillaumetc dude is truly talented, and knows exactly whose face to swap with whom. If you go to his Instagram, you’ll see he’s doing this face mash-up thing to all sorts of people – actors, politicians, and celebs. You should definitely follow him!



1. What’s Peter Dinklage doing in Stranger things?



2. I don’t know what “Cash Investigation” is, but this picture is perfect.



3. What if Dumb and Dumber starred these two – Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un?

4. There’s only one appropriate comment for this masterpiece: “Heeeere’s Donnie!”



5. Would you rather have Radcliffe as Luke, or Yoda as Hermione? “Mmm, Leviosa it is not. Leviosa it is. Mmmm.”

6. Imagine this as a sitcom. Holy moly, it would be like a funny version of Family Guy!



7. Wait, that’s not Nakatomi Plaza…



8. Sooo, that’s a BeyonZ? Jayonce? I can go either way, really.

9. I’ll give you a hint: one of the two mixed people is an annoying little crap, the other one is Miley Cyrus.



10. There’s that Ed Potter! To be fair, he’s more of a Weasley.

11. Somewhere in a very truly alternate reality, this monster dwells… they call him Pump!



12. Daenerys, what happened to your pretty face?



13. In this majestic face swap we have Jared and Ivanka, and I must say, Ivanka would look great with short hair. Probably.

14. It’s a sad day when you see a clown crying… oh, wait, is that Trump as Pennywise?



15. Can’t decide if he’d be a more decisive president, or a more diplomatic wrestler.