15+ Absolutely Horrible Tattoos You Will Fall In Love With


When we think about tattoos we usually imagine some relatively beautiful pictures, symbols, and even portraits. Rarely do we envision something weird and simplistic, looking like a kid’s doodle. But you know what? Doodles can be cool as well! A young artist from Brazil couldn’t draw a nice picture even if her life depended on it, but instead she creates funny drawings that she later turns into tattoos. She has founded Malfeitona – a special home studio where you can get your very own tatuagens peba (‘trash tattoo’ in Portuguese). Think no one would like to have a poorly drawn ink on their skin? That’s where you’re wrong! People love this ‘original ink’ and leave 5-star reviews on the artist’s site. Here are her best (or worst) tattoo designs.



Is it possible to live a ‘life without worries’ wearing such a tattoo? We certainly hope so!



How about a monster-kitty playing with a ball of yarn? It actually looks cute!



We all used to draw pictures like this when we were kids. Some people just never grow up…and that’s a good thing!

It seems that the artist’s motto is ‘the worse – the better’. It’s hard to say whether this tattoo is actually cute or totally ugly.



When dinosaurs roamed the Earth…



This may very well turn into a new minimalistic tattoo trend with a touch of ‘my 4-year-old drew this’. Also, dragons are beyond awesome – any Game of Thrones fan will second that.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are!



Getting a smiley-face tattoo is actually not the worst in the world. It looks pretty decent!



What do we call this one – a trashy dove? It looks realistic. Kind of.

If you like angry devil cats – this one’s gotta become your favorite. We should have less rainbow unicorns and more devil cats!



What an amazingly refreshing trinity this is! These little doggies are so bad, they are actually good!



Is it ugly or pretty? There should be a new word to describe this tattoo, like ‘prugly’. A prugly anime-inspired trash tattoo that’s what it is.

A snake with a mustache in a weird variation of caduceus? It’s horrid, yet so amazingly good.



Somewhere over the rainbow… there’s a cute little tattoo only a kid could draw!



Can a tattoo be too abstract? Probably not.

Do you know what’s the best part about this tattoo? It’s an actual cheat code for Sims that will get you $50k. Not the worst thing you can put on your skin!



Meet Dollynho, a mascot of a certain soda company in Brazil. Now it’s turning into an Internet meme!



What happens when you mix girls and aliens? This is what.