12 People Looking Ridiculously Photogenic In Uncomfortable Situations


Have you ever had a photo of you taken without knowing you were being photographed? Yeah, it’s totally hideous, I’ve seen it too. My point is, 99.9% of all “spontaneous” photos suck. And think of all the viral paparazzi shots. None of those show the celebs in a good light.
But it’s not why you’re here. You’re here because you want to see that 0.01% of ridiculously photogenic people, right? Right this way, sir-ma’am!



1. This girl didn’t know what hit her! Hint: it was the cup of soda!



2. Oh, you think your day sucks ’cause you broke a nail? This dude’s an MMA fighter, and it looks like he’s losing. Your day’s just fine!

3. As an ex-athlete myself, I just can’t comprehend how she can pull off a face that perfect in the middle of a jump.



4. The legendary internet celebrity – Mr. McPerfectFace!

5. Both of them are freaking glorious! I just want this as a poster over my bed.



6. Wrestling Mania? This looks more like posing for a school photo!

7. Through the fire and flames! Also, here you can see both the 99.9% and the 0.01% in one picture. You’re welcome.



8. WOW!

9. Oh, you cuffed us and we’re going to jail? Better look fabulous then!



10. It’s a score! Or a touchdown! Or whatever they use in that weird sport.

11. I’m beginning to think some of these photos are Photoshopped… There’s no way anyone could be this chill right before getting smacked on the mat.



12. Just… Goddamit, man, that’s a freaking cool pic.