11 Worst Oscars 2017 Screw-ups (It Wasn’t Just the La La Fail!)


On Sunday we witnessed something incredible, something so genuinely hilarious, that made the entire Internet poke fun at the biggest annual event ever. I’m talking about the 89th Academy Awards, of course, and the unforgettable La La Land/Moonlight mix-up. But apart from Gosling’s ruined dreams, there were other hilarious reactions, fails, and incredibly awkward situations. Let’s quickly recap these 10 worst Oscars 2017 screw-ups, so you, like the rest of the internet, can make dank memes!



1. Let’s start off with something small… Nicole Kidman’s clapping. What the actual $%#@? Is she even human?



2. Next up: a failed prank from Jimmy Kimmel! He invited a whole coach bus of normies and let them all loose with phones, cameras, and giddy “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” faces. This one dude, however, was seriously questioning his decisions.

3. Chrissy Teigen actually fell asleep. I’m not even kidding.



4. Blanca Blanco is no Barry Allen, but she sure knows how to flash!

5. And what’s the deal with Matt Damon’s chair? Why did it fall apart in the middle of the ceremony?



6. Jimmy Kimmel’s special treat to a few unsuspecting celebs. Yes, they did a “Mean Tweets” Oscars Edition and it was… awkward, to say the least.

7. And now a few moments from when people realized the La La Land didn’t actually win the “Best Picture”…



8. This Meryl Streep’s face says a lot. In fact, it says pretty much everything.

9. And then there’s Emma Stone (who won that La La Land Oscar, by the way), simply reacting to the absurdity of this mix-up.



10. Then on the other hand the Moonlight crew’s reaction was priceless.

11. Don’t worry, I left the best fail for dessert! Somehow, someone managed to put a picture of a still living and breathing Jan Chapman into the “In Memoriam” video.