10 Weird Things We All Do But Will Never, Ever Admit


We, people, regard ourselves as rational human beings, but is that really so? Each of us has done something irrational at least once in our life, but the truth is – we do weird, crazy things on a daily basis without even noticing. We are constantly bombarded by our own emotions and more often than not we lose that battle and end up doing unexplainable things. How is that possible? Well, no one knows for sure, the answers to that are probably hidden in our subconsciousness. One thing we do know– everyone does those strange things, but no one will ever admit to the fact. Here are 10 crazy things we all have done at least once.



Pretended to be looking at something you weren’t actually interested in
That moment when you are heading towards the item you need most and there’s someone already standing there. And what do you do? You start gawking at something completely irrelevant like that’s exactly what you were looking for. Sounds familiar? This has happened to everyone, but people just won’t admit it!

Had an anxiety attack while trying to put away your change
So much anxiety is associated with our shopping experience. For instance, when a cashier in the market gives you change and immediately starts serving another customer. It’s like the most awful thing ever! The situation may escalate into a real nightmare if you drop the change and it scatters all over the floor. Pure horror!

Held the remote like this to make it work
Here’s the thing with TV remotes – they either get lost all the time, or die on you unexpectedly. It’s also true that we are too lazy to change the batteries and will wait until the remote stops working completely. But until it does – we do all kinds of mumbo-jumbo to bring it to life. For example, how many of you held a remote like this to make it work? Probably everyone.



Acted too innocent
For some unknown reason we immediately start feeling guilty once we leave the store without buying a thing. It’s unexplainable! You just get all sweaty and nervous like a criminal.

Made plans you knew were impossible
That slightly awkward moment when everyone’s discussing plans for some crazy hike at 8 a.m. and you’re nodding your head in agreement as if you wouldn’t be still sleeping at that time. Yep, been there, done that.



Have calculated precisely just how much sleep you’d have
Some alarms now have that incredibly alarming (see what we did there?) ability, but it’s still a mystery why we need to calculate how much sleep we’ll get. Usually it happens around 3 a.m. as you realize that your chances of sleeping at all tonight are close to zero.

Had that ‘just one more episode’ moment
Binge-watchers know what we’re talking about here. That moment when you need to leave the house in a few minutes and you’re still sitting glued to the screen because ‘one more episode…just one more episode and I’ll go’. It just never happens!



Talked on the phone while moving like this
It’s impossible to stand still when you’re talking on the phone at home! It’s like some invisible force is driving you to do something, go somewhere, scribble in the notebook, bake a cake, wash dishes – all while talking to a person on the phone. And the more nervous you get (i.e. talking to some kind of service) the more you need to move around.

Ran upstairs like crazy
There’s just something about darkness that turns people into scaredy-cats. You go to the basement like a ninja, turn on the light, do whatever you came there to do, and when it’s finally time to leave you do this crazy stunt with turning the light off and running up to the exit like crazy. Happens every time.



Sat in this very position before going to school/work
Mornings can become a real torture if you’re not one of those lucky few people who actually enjoy getting up early. Who invented mornings, anyways? This is what happens to most of us when we need to get up early – we just sit and stare blankly trying to come up with some strength to actually stand up and start the day.