10 Times Leo DiCaprio Was Savage AF and We Loved It


Leo us a real superstar, there’s no denying that. He’s a talented and unique person that stands out both on screen and in real life. He has starred in a gazillion blockbusters like Inception, Wolf of Wolf Street, and the Oscar-winning The Revenant. But Leo’s acting skills are not the only reason we love him so much. He’s a bad boy that likes dating beautiful ladies just as much as he loves acting in movies. He also likes to make fun of people and does it like nobody else can. Here are 10 proofs that Leo DiCaprio is savage AF.



That one time when Joe Jonas couldn’t handle Leo’s swagger
It’s true that women adore Leo and he finds them extremely fascinating as well. What not many people know is that his affection can spread over the whole female population. That’s what happened one time at a Miami nightclub when Leo left the club taking his whole VIP section with him. It was reported that his buddy, Joe Jonas, was really scared when they left the club with 20 pretty ladies at once.



He ate an actual cow liver
What makes it really striking is the fact that Leo is vegan, no cheese and stuff. Yet he will do anything for his movie roles, including some liver-eating. During the filming of The Revenant he wasn’t satisfied with the fake gelatin liver and asked for an actual one to make the scene look authentic. Leo the vegan did that for the movie!

Leo got OCD after Aviator
Leo is really savage on set, just as he is in real life. The portrayal of billionaire Howard Hughes in Aviator got Leo an Oscar nomination, one of many to come. Yet it also brought to the surface his very own version of OCD. In the movie his character was really afraid of germs, so much that he didn’t even cut his fingernails. Leo’s true to life acting brought to life his childhood OCD – the one that didn’t let him step on cracks in cement. That’s why he was getting to set longer than usual every day. Leo got OCD for a role, that’s how savage he is!



Leo and headphones
We don’t know where this crazy story came from, but the rumor has it that when Leo sleeps with women he has one really specific habit. Every time he’s with a girl, he will take his vaporizer and headphones to bed. And what does he listen to when in bed, you might wonder? Well it’s MGMT – Electric Feel. No comments to that.

Leo and Justin
Leo DiCaprio enjoys trolling people more than he should. His story with Justin Bieber goes back to the infamous Orlando Bloom incident when the two supposedly had a fight and Leo was the one who sparked the fight. Yet there’s another story about Leo steeling Justin’s girlfriend at a nightclub. At an after party for the Met Gala he simply went to Justin who was dancing with a girl, then whispered something in her ear, kissed her, and took her away. That’s how kings do it!



When Leo ignored the Oscars
It happened back in the day when Titanic took the world by surprise. Everyone in the movie was nominated for something, but not Leo. So what did he do? He skipped the Oscars and threw a party of his own in New York. Rumor has it he had the Academy Awards projected onto the wall!

Leo the Prankster
It seems that Leonardo DiCaprio has always had a knack for devious pranks. Someone, Leo or Billy Zane, depending on the sources, tried to drug the whole cast of Titanic by putting angel dust into the food served for dinner. 80 people felt sick after that, with 50 of them getting into hospital. Pranksters were never caught, but many believe that Leo was responsible for that stunt.

Jack and Rose forever
Many believe that Jack and Rose, as well as Leo and Kate, are the ultimate soulmates, no matter what relationships they are in right now. Whether that is true or not, it was probably hard for Sam Mendez, Kate’s husband, to be the director of Revolutionary Road, a movie in which his wife had some pretty intimate scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, he didn’t have the guts to direct all the steamy scenes and had to watch them from another room! That’s how good Leo is. You don’t want to see him messing with your wife even if it’s just for acting.



Leo’s dating history
Leo’s love life is simply legendary. He has dated some of the most beautiful women on Earth and he’s not planning on stopping any time soon. Leo’s obsession with models started with Naomi Campbell back in 1995, he later had relationships with Gisele Bündchen, Bar Rafaeli, and a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models including Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen, Erin Heatherton and a few of others. He sure does like gorgeous women!

Leo actually bled for his role
Leo can be really savage on set and Django Unchained is proof of that. Quentin Tarantino was thrilled when during filming Leo slammed his hand into glass and got all bloody. It must have hurt like hell, but the actor didn’t even flinch and continued acting. He turned his bloody hand into a movie prop! Tarantino loved it and used this take for the movie. That’s how good Leo is!