10 Things You Hated as a Kid that Turned Out to Be Awesome


Being an adult is great and all, but things weren’t quite the same when we were kids. We didn’t want to eat our vegetables, hated taking baths, and don’t get me started about skipping naps. But things have changed (hopefully).


Here are 10 things you hated as a kid that turned out to be awesome.



10. Going to School
Granted, I may be one of the few people who, as an adult, would love to start over my school years, but such is the truth. When looking back at how dumb I was in my school days, I can’t help but facepalm. Now that I’m become a big boy I’ve learned to value the power of education and knowledge that my teachers tried to stick in my brain.



9. Getting Practical Gifts
Remember the time when you got your first practical birthday gift after years and years of getting toys and LEGO sets? I would kill for a bucket of fresh socks right now.


8. Listening to Good Music
By good music I mean genres like blues, jazz, classical tunes etc., not the usual Disney songs or catchy cartoon openings. Children’s psyche is not prepared to process the complex emotions put into the real music.



7. Taking Baths
Remember when you cried your eyes out when mom told you it’s bath time? I do, and I was a goddamn fool. Baths are amazing!

6. The Taste of Alcohol
Came home parched after kicking the ball with my fellow kids, saw a glass half-filled with clear liquid, took a big gulp, and almost died. Turns out vodka tastes like hell! Of course, years later, when whiskey became my best friend, that incident seems funnier and funnier every time I think of it.



5. Watching Horror Movies
This one’s quite simple: kids HATE being scared. Adults live for that adrenaline rush!


4. Choosing Cake over a Juicy Steak
Being an adult, you can choose what is going to be on your dinner plate today, but kids don’t have that luxury. More often that not I’d choose dessert over anything and everything, including roasted meat with mashed potatoes. What an idiot.

3. Eating Vegetables
One thing I’d never choose voluntarily were the veggies, except maybe for pickled stuff, but that doesn’t count. Eat your veggies, kids, because you never know what’s waiting for you in 20 years.



2. The Opposite Sex
Kids are stupid. They don’t like meat, alcohol makes them sick, so of course talking to the opposite sex would be problematic. Although, some people are yet to figure out that your special friend of the opposite sex is just as effed up as you are.


1. Taking Naps
And finally, the best thing about being a kid – the naps. I miss them… Oh, how I miss them… Wait, no I don’t! I can take a nap anytime I want, I’m a freelancer! Later, suckers, I’m gonna go catch some Z’s.