10 Social Media Posts That Got People Fired


Nowadays, due to the technological progress, it’s getting harder and harder to separate our career from our personal life. Pretty much every post, picture and tweet you share can and will be used against you, if you screw things up.
Here are 10 cases where people, although some of them were real assholes, lost their jobs after saying stupid stuff on Facebook or Twitter. I personally would be able to forgive most of these people but not the ones ruining good food.
Think before you post, people, don’t be ”social mediots”!



Who knew AIDS was a racist decease?
Justine Sacco, who used to work as a communications director, before she was fired for being a racist idiot. Like, seriously, who does this?

Oops, wrong Twitter account!
Social media strategist Scott Bartosiewicz tweeted this insensitive (yet 100% accurate) post using the corporate Chrysler account. That’s just… ouch!

Next time she will know better.
Back in 2009, Connor Riley lost her new job before even working a single day! Now that’s what I call “preemptive fuck up”. It’s pure fate at this point.

Don’t lick the Tacos!
Taco Bell employee Jj O’Brien Nolan was rightfully fired when the pic of him licking empty taco shells started a chain reaction on social media. What a waste of crunchy goodness…

Me strong! Woman cook!
Firefighter Matt Bowman was, wait for it… FIRED after he tweeted this incredibly sexist “joke”. Well, at least I hope it was a joke, for his sake.

Anti-semitic cheerleader.
It sounds like some cheesy R-rated horror title. Well, Caitlin Davis wishes it was just that. She was fired from her cheerleading job for the New England Patriots, when people saw this photo on Facebook. It’s just not cool.

A timeless classic.
This exchange might have been the first ever Facebook fuck up and it’s just brutal. Kids in 10 years will be doing case studies on how stupid one has to be to dis your boss, who is also your friend on Facebook.

Naked. Wet. Fired.
A young 23-year-old girl does something mildly inappropriate outside of her job as a math teacher and gets fired? Is this 1780? Were her bosses a bunch of pussies, or were they salty because she didn’t invite them? Well, hopefully Carly will bounce back soon.

This is what racial equality means
This is Shana “Poohpooh” Latrice. And, as you can see, she’s on on her phone while she was supposed to be working at the Brookfield Zoo. But of course, that wasn’t the worst part.

“Where are my mashed potatoes?”
I swear, if I ever found out that someone did this to my potatoes, there would be blood. But anyway, it’s just a general rule of thumb that if you work for a big food company, you should never take photos of yourself messing with the food and then post them all over the social media. That’s a 100% fool-proof way to get yourself fired, people!