13 Pies that Will BLOW Your Mind

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I’m not somebody who has a sweet tooth, but when I see pie — I want pie. I’m only human. Besides, what I love about pies is that they can be both a savory main course and a sweet dessert! Pies are the ultimate food (if you really think about it, maybe even better than pizza). But here’s what you don’t think about often — pies can look amazing! Especially if they’re made by this astoundingly talented pie-maker!

Here are 13 pies that will absolutely blow your mind!

Freddie Mercury

You gotta bake it at 300 degrees, that’s why they call it Mr. Fahrenheit. You’ll find it traveling into my mouth at the speed of light. This baker is gonna make a super tasty pie out of you! Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good pie… I’m having a ball!

Freddie Mercury | 13 Pies that Will BLOW Your Mind | ZestRadar


Even though I like Freddie Mercury more than I like Prince, I like this pie more than I like the one with Freddie Mercury. I like that it not only has the beautiful picture of Prince on it, but it also has a signature Purple tint that everyone associates with Prince. Honestly, event hough this pie looks amazing (and probably tastes amazing), I’d be too scared to cut into it and ruin how beautiful it looks.

Prince  | 13 Pies that Will BLOW Your Mind | ZestRadar

David Bowie

If there is a trinity of musicians that I am really sad are gone, Bowie has to round up the list after Freddie and Prince. I find it unusual that the baker chose to go with Bowie from the movie Labyrinth instead of Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie or Heroes-era Bowie, but who am I to complain? I love David Bowie, and I love pie!

David Bowie  | 13 Pies that Will BLOW Your Mind | ZestRadar


I’ve seen a lot of Mario-themed cakes and a lot of Mario-themed cookies, but I’ve never seen a Mario-themed pie that looks as good as this Bowser pie!

Bowser  | 13 Pies that Will BLOW Your Mind | ZestRadar

Stan Lee

Even though I think this pie looks amazing, I can’t help but feel sad that Stan Lee is gone. How many more superhero ideas did he have in him? How many more amazing Marvel movie cameos could he have stared in? There’s a whole new cycle of MCU movies, and he’ll be nowhere to be found.

But at least you can learn how to make this amazing pie for you and your comic-book nerd friends.

Stan Lee  | 13 Pies that Will BLOW Your Mind | ZestRadar
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