The World’s Most Famous Fashion Critics and How they Dress


These days, everyone’s a critic. Pretty much anyone with an Instagram account can follow the trends displayed at the latest runway shows and share their opinion in a gushing or scathing captions. But there are still those who make their living by writing and curating thoughtful critiques of the fashion industry. And these people, themselves, can often become fashion icons. Here are the world’s most famous fashion critics and how they dress!

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is an editor at the British Vogue (many people on this list will be from Vogue, FYI). She uses her deep knowledge about fashion to comment on seasonal trends, new collections from the world’s leading designers, and styling tips. When it comes to her personal aesthetic, she tries to wear clothes that compliment her body and highlight her long legs.

Kate Lanphear

Kate Lanphear has worked for nearly every big-name fashion magazine in the world. She’s worked for Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Maxim, and now she’s a creative director at Marie Claire. She smartly combines clothes in dark tones to get that classic “I’m too cool for this event” look.

Julia Sarr-Jamois

You’ll never have trouble picking Julia Sarr-Jamois out of a crowd. If it’s not for incredible hair, it will be her bright and striking outfits. She is an editor-at-large of the British Vogue, and can often be spotted at “Fashion Week” events all around the world, scouting for the best-dressed people both on and around the runway.

Julia Sarr-Jamois | The World’s Most Famous Fashion Critics and How they Dress | Zestradar
Julia Sarr-Jamois | The World’s Most Famous Fashion Critics and How they Dress | Zestradar

Suzy Menkes

Suzy Menkes is of the old guard of the fashion critique industry. She is one of the most influential fashion critics in Great Britain. She used to be the editor for the International Herald Tribune, and is now an editor for Vogue International. However, despite her on-point criticism and commentary on the trends of the fashion industry, her own stylistic choices are… I’d have to say they’re questionable. And I wouldn’t be alone in this assessment either!

Lynn Yaeger

Lynn Yaeger is, by far, the most visually striking fashion journalist on this list (and perhaps in the world!). She writes for Vogue and is a fashion editor at I know I said it would be easy to pick Julia Sarr-Jamois out of a crowd, but only a blind person wouldn’t immediately be drawn at the incredible way Lynn Yaeger dresses both during runway shows and in what she considers to be “casual” everyday attire.

Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington is the creative director at Vogue Magazine and a former model. Her calling card is creating amazing, large, spectacular photoshoots for the magazine, and her choices during these photoshoots have helped shape Vogue Magazine in much the same way that Anna Wintour’s editorial work has. Vogue would not be Vogue without Grace Coddington!

Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert

It’s well established that leopard print is difficult to pull off, and even when it has been pulled off it’s always on the verge of looking a little bit tacky. However, Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert is, perhaps, the only person in the world who knows how to fully and completely pull off leopard print and look incredibly stylish while doing so!

Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo is an editor at large for the Japanese Vogue. She loves bold looks, but has also mastered the art of making bold choices look casual and effortless.

Anna Wintour

What list about anything fashion-related could be complete without Anna Wintour?! She has been the editor-in-chief for Vogue since 1988 and has not only been a critic in the fashion industry, but arguably one of the people who have shaped the fashion industry into what it is today. Every outfit she wears is a masterclass in fashion, style, functionality, and confidence.

Anna Wintour | The World’s Most Famous Fashion Critics and How they Dress | Zestradar
Anna Wintour | The World’s Most Famous Fashion Critics and How they Dress | Zestradar