The Most Stylish Grandpa With a Passion For Streetwear


Streetwear is at the height of its popularity these days. Brands that started as small streetwear collectives are now collaborating with fashion giants like Louis Vuitton and youths around the globe are very much into it. You can hardly surprise anyone with a young person dressed in streetwear. However, if you rarely see older people dressing like that. Unless you’re Alojz Abram from Germany. Alojz is a 71 year old retired grandpa that has a passion for streetwear and by the looks of it quite an extensive wardrobe now.

Alojz was born in Slovenia but has been living in a small town near Frankfurt for 50 years now. He always cared about his clothes and wanted to dress nice for an occasion, but his interest in streetwear began only 3 years ago.

He says that he got the idea of dressing like this came to him because of his grandson Jannik. He paid attention to what his grandson wore and also, since he’s a modern granda and uses Facebook, he saw what brands Jannik likes and just googled from there. How many of you wish you had such tech savvy and fashion conscious grandparents?

It started with one item, then another, and gradually this awesome grandpa started dressing more and more in streetwear. That’s when Jannik suggested they take some pictures and post them on social media. It was awkward at first, since Alojz wasn’t used to modeling in front of the camera. You know, old people rarely feel comfortable when taking photos. But with time and practice Alojz got more comfortable and now he’s a natural.

Alojz never expected to get this much attention online, but he’s thrilled about it. Jannik, his grandson occasionally gets messaged on Instagram saying that he’s got the coolest grandpa ever. Alojz says he gets some surprised looks on the street from other elderly people, but it doesn’t bother him, he likes standing out.

When it comes to his favorite items of clothing he says he cares more about feeling comfortable, and the brand is just a bonus. He likes Supreme, but he doesn’t own a hoodie from them yet. He’s hoping that maybe they’ll notice him online and send him one, that would be nice.

Alojz also says he doesn’t always dress in streetwear, while his family and friends like his pictures he knows that this style isn’t appropriate for every occasion so when going to family gatherings he doesn’t always rock the Thrasher hoodie and a Supreme hat.

He dresses like this when he wants to and feels comfortable. It’s not a huge statement for him, it’s something that he just likes to do so when the mood strikes he might color-coordinate his socks and his hoodie and go snap a couple of photos with Jannik, other days he’ll just dress for comfort.