The Craziest Milkshakes Out There


Crazy shakes, freak shakes, monster shakes, whatever you call these heaps of sugar – they’re meant to be an amplified to infinity version of a milkshake, right? But would you actually want to drink one? Can you drink it? Or do you just eat it, cause it’s more dessert than a milkshake? Let me put it this way – would one even be able to eat/drink one of these without having a heart attack, immediately getting diabetes or going into a sugar coma? Either way, our fascination with these crazy milkshakes is probably centered more about the idea, the esthetic and just the freaky nature of these sugary creations. So let’s take a look at some of the freakiest and craziest ones we’ve seen and dream about how we’d probably risk ordering one after the lockdown of the pandemic is over.

1. Chocolate, brownies, Oreos and ice-cream cookies on top of a chocolate milkshake? Yup, that’s definitely a thing you can do (if you have health insurance and no fear of dentists).

#1 | The Craziest Milkshakes Out There | Zestradar

2. If you’re more into pink candy floss type things, might we suggest these milkshakes topped with sprinkles, pastel m&ms and peeps? Weren’t peeps discontinued at some point? Or is that the sugar overload from just looking at this that’s giving us memory loss?

#2 | The Craziest Milkshakes Out There | Zestradar

3. Peanut butter lovers will enjoy the one on the left while smore lovers will definitely appreciate the idea of making a milkshake and topping it with a smore. I mean it might not look that crazy but that’s just pure genius.

#3| The Craziest Milkshakes Out There | Zestradar

4. Why wouldn’t you put a whole slice of cake, and a hefty one at that, on top of your already super sugary milkshake. This is one of those things you really want and then instantly regret upon realising it’s very inconvenient to eat. Yeah, spoiler alert, these have to be taken apart to be consumed.

#4 | The Craziest Milkshakes Out There | Zestradar

5. The audacity of making this monster shake with doughnuts on top and serving it in a glass that says XS. There’s nothing extra small about this, except maybe your chances of getting through it in one go.

#5 | The Craziest Milkshakes Out There | Zestradar

6. We can only assume that the milkshake on the left is called something like “dream breakfast” because it certainly has all the elements of it. There’s pancakes, there’s candied bacon, there’s cereal. Or are you more of a mint chocolate chip on the right?

#6 | The Craziest Milkshakes Out There | Zestradar

7. Desserts on top of desserts, with whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, full cupcakes and churros on top. A diabetic dream that can become reality if you really put your mind to it. The thing about these milkshakes is that you can go and get it in a cafe, but also, once you see it you can attempt to recreate one at home.

#7 | The Craziest Milkshakes Out There | Zestradar

8. That pink blue and purple thing on the left is honestly the biggest freak shake we’ve ever seen. It’s kind of a miracle that the person is holding it with one hand. It looks too big and too impressive to be true. While the ones of the left look like they have all the textures you want to keep it interesting.

#8 | The Craziest Milkshakes Out There | Zestradar

9. Caramel popcorn on your milkshake? Why not. But three brownies seems like overkill, don’t you think? Unless you’re splitting it between three friends. Wait, perhaps that’s the secret to these crazy shakes, they’re meant to be shared, aren’t they?

#9 | The Craziest Milkshakes Out There | Zestradar

10. Are you a birthday cake sprinkle kind of person or a chocolate-chocolate-chocolate kind of person? There’s just something about the chocolate one that makes it look fancier. But no matter which one you prefer, either way, the sugar coma is coming for you.