Every Makeup Lover’s Ultimate Inspiration


Makeup is a great way to express yourself, be artsy, and just have a bit of fun. Gone are the days when makeup was viewed simply as a way to correct flaws and look “presentable”. These days it’s more about being creative and adding that extra oomph to your killer outfit. You can go glam one day and wacky on the next. Makeup can be a finishing touch when it comes to your look for the day or be that little quirk that sets you apart. The sky’s the limit with makeup looks. Whether you’re passionate about makeup, looking for some inspiration and a way to get out of a rut, or maybe you just enjoy seeing cool makeup looks – @mua.sublime is a great account to follow for all makeup lovers. They feature the best and most creative looks here and tag the creators (which is important). Makeup looks here range from very wearable to out of this world. Here are just a few that we found to be too awesome not to share with you.

A burst of color for those who are tired of neutrals and boring makeup. These looks are full of color and an extra sprinkle of whimsy. We all need a bit of whimsy to deal with this year.

These looks are great for those who already mastered every kind of eyeliner and are looking for a challenge. Precision is a must here, but the results are definitely worth it.

Who said makeup is just for girls. Clearly, guys can be just as creative. Look at these masterful creations. This is literally art in makeup form. 

Any Halloween lovers out here? We know the holiday is technically over and everyone’s counting down to Christmas, but for some of us, Halloween is a year-round mood. 

Eyeliner looks for those who moved on past cat eye, but can’t quite master super intricate designs. These look cool but are actually quite easy to do. They’re also perfectly acceptable for every day, you don’t even need a special occasion to wear them. 

Flora and fauna are always popular in artsy circles and these looks range from easy to challenging. A good selection to try your hand on a weekend, it’s not like we’ve got places to be.  

And finally here are some truly extra makeup looks that we just fell in love with. From abstract shapes to cartoon and game characters and space themed looks.