Artist Comes Up With New Embroidery Tattoos, And They Are Too Cute For Words


If you think that embroidery is a cool art style and tattoos are the most awesome thing on Earth, then I have good news for you – apparently, you can mix the two! Embroidery tattoos are becoming a new trend now and it’s not hard to guess why.

They look incredibly cute! Eduardo Duda Lozano takes famous pop culture and cartoon characters and turns them into stylish embroideries, which he later transforms into gorgeous tattoos. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you’re looking at an ink or actual embroidery! 

Before becoming a tattoo artist Lozano had a completely different occupation – he created logos and was involved in making real embroidery on T-shirts. After that the inspiration came to get into the art of inks and tattoos, so he learned the necessary skills from his friend, Claudio Botta.

Having learned the basics of tattoo-making and all the machinery used to create inks, he started to think of different ways to experiment with tattoos. For Lorenzo it was always about creating something unique to stand out from the rest of tattoo-makers, so he was looking for something interesting only he could do. That’s when he got the idea to mix the embroidery techniques from his previous career with new tattoo art.

Lozano wasn’t the first artist to come with this idea, but he went further and created his own embroidery tattoo style that looked incredibly realistic. He focused on special details that made his work recognizable – attention to light and shadow, some ‘broken strings’ here and there, and other little imperfections that added to overall realistic effect.

Lozano admits he had started experimenting with the new style only recently, which means there is still room for growth, but he has plenty of new ideas he can’t wait to turn into tattoo designs. His work hasn’t gone unnoticed – many countries across the globe are inviting Lozano to take part in various international conventions to showcase his work. He received invitations from Mexico, Germany, France, Colombia, Croatia, Spain, and many other places.