8 Super Models Who Changed How We See Beauty


Fashion industry has been a beauty trend-setter for decades now, showing us what ‘perfect’ men and women should look like. As beautiful as they were, all those models were far from the reality of our everyday lives. In real life, people are different and their beauty is versatile, too. In the last few decades we have been observing a shift not only in the fashion industry, but in our perception of beauty in general. Finally, we see models that are versatile, special, ‘flawed’, and absolutely breathtaking. Here are 8 super models who changed how we see beauty.

Winnie Harlow

Just a decade ago people would stare at someone like Winnie Harlow walking down the street, and they may still stare now, but in awe. Winnie Harlow has a rare condition called vitiligo, which means her skin loses pigment gradually, creating white patches. Tyra Banks, the host of America’s Next Top Model, noticed this beauty on Instagram and invited her to the show. Since then her career has been developing swiftly. Winnie Harlow walked for Diesel fashion campaigns, as well as for Desigual fashion shows. She proves that being different is actually a good thing!

Winnie Harlow | 8 Super Models Who Changed How We See Beauty | Zestradar

Tess Holliday

Tess Holiday has always wanted to become a model and nothing could stop her from doing that. Despite all the bullying in high school, she pursued her dream and moved to L.A. to get into fashion biz. And she did! She was invited to her first campaign, signed a contract with a fashion agent, and became one of the greatest plus-size fashion influencers. She’s all about body positivity and believes that designers need to be even more versatile when it comes to body sizes.

Tess Holliday | 8 Super Models Who Changed How We See Beauty | Zestradar

Shaun Ross

Shaun Ross is known by many as an actor who starred in American Horror Story and The Man in High Castle, but he is certainly more than that. Shaun Ross is the very first professional albino model who got international acclaim. He has already worked with big names in the fashion industry like Vogue, GQ, Givenchy, Nylon, and Alexander McQueen. He has also appeared in numerous music videos.

Shaun Ross | 8 Super Models Who Changed How We See Beauty | Zestradar

Andreja Pejic

Andrej Pejic started his career as a highly androgynous male model, stunning the whole world with his incredible looks. He lately underwent a transformation into a woman, shocking the world once more. Andreja Pejic continued working as a model, appearing in Vogue and other fashion magazines. She was accepted by the fashion world and the audience, marking a spectacular shift in our beauty perception. She was the first ever transgender model presented by Vogue!

Andreja Pejic | 8 Super Models Who Changed How We See Beauty | Zestradar

Yazemeenah Rossi

When it comes to fashion, youth is one of the major factors in building a successful career. Especially for women! As they get older, their popularity slowly dwindles and they are replaced by younger models. This is definitely not the case with Yazemeenah Rossi, who is breaking fashion standards with her natural beauty and gorgeous silver grey hair. She’s 60 years old and she still takes part in swimsuit campaigns! It’s definitely not about how old you are, but about the way you feel about yourself.

Yazemeenah Rossi | 8 Super Models Who Changed How We See Beauty | Zestradar

Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley looks so striking that it’s hard to imagine there was ever a time when she was considered unfit for modelling due to her size. Still, she became a pro model and is often named the plus size supermodel of the fashion world. In 2012, she took part in Ralph Lauren’s fashion campaign and became the first ever plus size model to do work for a high-end fashion company. She later got to wear a swimsuit for the cover of Sports Illustrated, showcasing just how beautiful plus size models can be. She definitely revolutionized the fashion world.

Robyn Lawley | 8 Super Models Who Changed How We See Beauty | Zestradar

Brunette Moffy

Who could have thought that a girl with crossed eyes could make it in the fashion world, yet this is exactly what happened to Brunette Moffy, who is currently breaking down all beauty standards with her stunning looks and charisma. Storm Models, a legendary model agency who worked with the likes of Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss, took the young beauty under their wing just after one shoot she did for POP magazine. Her unusual look and stunning beauty will definitely make her popular in the future!

Brunette Moffy | 8 Super Models Who Changed How We See Beauty | Zestradar

Coral Kwayie

Coral Kwayie has an incredibly memorable look – she is dark-skinned, freckled, and rocks amazing red hair. Her dad is a Ghanaian, while her mom is from Britain. She spent most of her life living in Kent, never feeling that she could fit in anywhere, even in the versatile London. That’s when fashion happened and turned her world upside down! We are used to people masking their ‘imperfections’, but in Coral’s case it would be a crime to hide all those beautiful freckles.