Transform any of your gadgets into a portable touch-screen graphics extension of your monitor


idisplay2Recently, I found myself in a Starbucks, trying to be productive.
Sharing my main screen between different apps was frustrating, and after a short search in the App Store I found something really brilliant.


A small app called iDisplay actually fooled my MacBook into thinking that my old iPad and iPhone are secondary monitors attached to it. After investing with the price of my usual Starbucks meal and an easy, one-minute setup, I got a lot of additional screen space for my Photoshopping. The software worked great with Starbucks’s wifi and I was so excited that I was even able to bring a part of my desktop to a colleague who joined me a few minutes later. I never thought that I would be able to use my old iPad as a portable touch-screen graphics extension of my main monitor! And as you can see on the developer’s Twitter, they are preparing a version of the app which will be able to connect through lightning cable with zero latency.


From this experience, I highly recommend that you try iDisplay for a fraction of a new monitor’s cost.



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