The Coolest Gadgets From Europe’s Technology Conference The International Franchise Association Show – IFA


While it would be very unrealistic to assume that every single announcement made at IFA is noteworthy, each year has a few advancements in technology that are too cool not to mention. Since we can’t all be in Berlin at the same time, I’ve collected the most important ones for you.



SanDisk 400GB MicroSD Card
I hail from the dark days of floppy drives, so having anything over 1,4 megabytes on a single storage system was at one point in my life pure magic. And now we’ve got SanDisk, completely ruining that memory by creating a 400 GB storage device that’s the size of a fingernail.



Samsung 49 inch Curved Gaming Monitor
Most sane people would probably think to themselves “do I even need this?” The truth is you do. You really need this.



Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR Headset
It’s a VR helmet with a lightsaber controller that allows you to fight iconic Star Wars Sith lords. If you still need convincing, this is probably not the thing for you.

Polaroid Pop
I know, I know. Polaroid’s so 1920s. I think, I’m not sure. It could’ve been a bit later. Anyway, the Polaroid Pop is supposed to put them back on the map. They didn’t specify which map, but considering Polaroid’s current fall from grace, I’d wager any map is fine.



Sony Smart Speaker
As opposed to the dumb speakers. It’s essentially the first smart speaker that actually has good quality sound coming out of it. You’d think that’s the main selling point for a speaker, but apparently Sony was the first to go that route.