10 Really Insane Gadgets


10 Really Insane GadgetsYou may feel comfortable around gadgets like iPods, consoles, tablets or even smart watches but what about some really weird contraptions like brainwave headphones or a selfie stick?
You know what? Scratch that, even monkeys know how to use a selfie stick.



Let’s have a look at these 10 “appliances” that are actually real. Some of them are ridiculous, others – quite ingenious. Which one’s which is up to you to decide!



10) While we’re on the subject of selfie sticks, let’s at least appreciate their novelty. Nobody likes selfies, sure, but if you use this particular gadget, you’ll look like your SO is always there with you, holding your hand. Lovely and kind of sad…10 Really Insane Gadgets 10



9) Straight out of the Star Wars universe we present you the LED umbrella! If Siths and Jedi lived in our time, they’d definitely use this beauty to shelter from the rain.10 Really Insane Gadgets 9



8) NeuroSky developed headphones with a medical-grade brain-wave sensor that you can connect to your PC or even your phone and play games using nothing but the power of your brain. Trying out “The MindSet” will cost you $199 and you’ll get 1 free game, but you can always buy more from their online store.10 Really Insane Gadgets 8



7) If you have a cat and you’re reading this, chances are that your hairy little friend loves to sit on your keyboard, pretty much rendering you incapable of doing your work. Have no fear, the USB heated cat keyboard is here! The more you type on your real keyboard, the hotter the cat keyboard becomes. Sadly only the first 100 backers from Catstarter (yes, it’s a thing) got this wonder-gadget.10 Really Insane Gadgets 7



6) Here are 3 words that will make you drool like you haven’t eaten all day and you see a big juicy slice of pizza… mmm, pizza… Oh, right, the 3 words: automatic pancake machine.
What, you kinda want that pizza now, don’t you? But nonetheless the APM can produce up to 200 perfectly shaped pancakes per hour, which is amazing but what’s even more head-spinning is the price tag. The machine costs $3500. Sadly this baby wasn’t meant for just anyone.10 Really Insane Gadgets 6



5) Now something for the dog people – “Odin”, a modular puzzle toy for your scruffy canine. It’s a reward-based toy that encourages the dog to solve flap puzzles in order to get to the juicy treat. Easy to wash, fun to play with and, since it’s a modular gadget, you can combine 2 or more “Odins” into a bigger tow for larger (or smarter) dogs.10 Really Insane Gadgets 5



4) Do you like toast? Of course you do! Here’s a quirky appliance that will make your breakfast routine a lot more fun. Basically, you can take any photo, submit it to the website and in a few weeks you’ll get a pair of stainless steel inserts with your beautiful picture. Toasting will never feel the same again. Bon appétit!10 Really Insane Gadgets 4



3) Here’s a riddle for you: It’s a sleeping bag, it’s coat, it’s even a hat – what is it? Give up? It’s evergrn Crash Sack! It combines the comfort of a sleeping bag with the full body access and free movement of a puffy coat. Does it look ridiculous? Probably. Does it work? Definitely!10 Really Insane Gadgets 3



2) What kind of list would this be without a couple of mind-blowing beauty gadgets from Japan? Let’s start off with Germanium Kogao sauna face mask. This contraption wraps around your face and thanks to the sauna effect literally squeezes out the fat. Sound like a medieval torture device!10 Really Insane Gadgets 2



1) Our number one pick has been extensively featured in numerous magazines, websites and other media – giant rubber lips. What are they good for? Well, apart from looking completely moronic this gadget is said to actually give you a face lifting effect without going under the knife. 10 Really Insane Gadgets 1