10 Best Tech Items of 2019


Every year, it feels like Christmas when our favorite tech gadgets are released. New versions of old favorites combine with completely new game-changers on the market – 2019’s releases have us especially hyped up. Here are the latest and greatest picks that you have to get your hands on before the year is up.



Mixed Reality Glasses
These look like a normal pair of sunglasses, but in reality, they’re the world’s first ready-to-wear “mixed reality” glasses. Yup, virtual aspects intertwine with reality to make for a surreal and one-of-a-kind experience.



Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Heater
Dyson always comes up with the craziest inventions – this time, it’s a hot + cool air fan that doubles as a high speed cooling fan and a heater. This latest version also happens to be an air purifier with WiFi and Alexa Enabled abilities.

LG Signature OLED 4K TV
This TV is everything you’ve ever wanted – from gaming with the guys to catching up on the latest sports news, this LG Signature 4k OLED is thinner than ever with crystal clear quality and no borders. Who even needs to go to the movies anymore with this sexy invention?



Base Station Wireless Charging Hub
Gone are the days when you needed to plug you phone into one of those frustrating wire chargers. This sleek and modern alternative has 3 turbo charging coils and can charge up to 2 phones wirelessly, but also features two USB ports. With a padded leather aesthetic, going wireless has never looked so good.

Jabra Enabled Wireless Titanium Headphones
If we’re being totally honest, while we love wireless earbuds, the aesthetic of the famous and overpriced Apple ones are kind of killing our vibe. Instead, go with this edgy titanium black look, which is Alexa enabled and features superior audio abilities.



iPhone X Smart Battery Case
Everyone went ape when the iPhone X came out, but are you protecting your new baby the way it deserves? Though the X has fantastic battery life, this smart battery case offers protection, with a microfiber lining and silicone exterior that has a comfortable grip. This battery case can be charged at the same time as the phone, increasing potential talk time by up to 33 hours.

Sangean WR 11SE Table Radio, 40th Anniversary Edition
All the vintage lovers out there will appreciate this stylish Sangean tabletop radio, released as the brand’s 40th anniversary edition. We love that it’s got less of a gadget vibe than everything else on this list, and instead harkens back to older generations where we had the radio instead of Spotify. However, although the look is old-school, the sound quality definitely is not, and it features an aux-in cord for your phone.

Proconnected 4 Wheel Hubless Roller Suitcase
Never buy a normal suitcase again, thanks to ProConnected Smart Luggage. A suitcase holds out clothes, but what if it could do more? Meant for the connected traveler who needs portable power within their suitcase, this bag can charge a MacBook with its USB-C cord, and has two additional USB ports for other devices. At boarding time, pop the battery out via a quick release mechanism to keep it powering up in the sky.



Apple iPad Air 2019
The classic iPad stole our hearts years ago, and is still known as the iconic tablet to have. The 2019 version is lighter than ever, and features an A12 Bionic chip and Neural Engine, a 10.5 Retina screen, and support for smart keyboards and the Apple pencil. It weighs one pound and is just 6.1mm thin, making it more portable than a notebook.

Vector Robot by Anki
If you’re bored by Siri, Vector Robot by Anki might be more your speed. Sometimes, you just need a lil’ bot to hang out with and help you around the house. This table-top sized robot scoots around the house and is engaged by touch, sight, and sound, with voice activation. It can take pictures, time dinner, and navigate on its now, with WiFi cloud connection that self updates and keeps him learning. Plus, if you connect Alexa, you never have to leave your bed.