Who is the Greatest Warrior in Game of Thrones?


The show about the fight for the Iron Throne has to include great warriors who actually make their way to the very top. As Game of Thrones is based on Medieval Europe, fighting for your life is a part of survival. With numerous battles and action scenes, the characters show their best skills and make us wonder who would winin the end. Check the list of the great warriors who are still alive for Season 8 of the show.



Brienne of Tarth
Being the only heir of the House of Tarth has put some pressure on Brienne to get married and secure her family’s future, however, she has chosen to become a warrior. Her appearance and personality have shaped her into becoming a great fighter and the fact that she is a woman has added a great element of surprise. Also, she is the first woman knight in Seven Kingdoms!


Jamie Lannister
Jamie has been training to become a knight since his childhood. Very quickly he has climbed the ranks to become Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Even though he has lost his right hand, he has trained with Bronn and is ready for a fight as a warrior. Perhaps the glory days of fighting Ned Stark and Mad King will give him the fuel he needs for the future.



Bronn is a mercenary soldier who has started his path to knighthood and power by standing for Tyrion in a trial by combat. Following Tyrion as his bodyguard, Bronn later shows himself in the Battle of the Blackwater and sides with the Lannisters for some time. Unfortunately for Jamie, he is ordered by Cercei to assassinate both Lannister brothers so we will see if another battle is to come as a result.


The Hound (Sandor Clegane)
Sandor Clegane, as well as his brother, is a skilled warrior known throughout Westeros. The Hound is different from his brother as he despises knighthood for romanticising the horrible things that happen on the battlefield. His most memorable battle was with Brienne where the two crossed swords in a hand to hand battle. After his personality has changed and he almost started a new life, only to find himself with The Brotherhood Without Banners.


Grey Worm
The commander of the Unsullied has to be the best of all. While Grey Worm doesn’t talk much, he has proven to be the master of spear and able to fight a few opponents as well as an army. We have seen him kill two attackers with one hit and fight with a dagger deep in his side.



Tormund Giantsbane
Tormund is one of the Free Folk and is known for his strength and fierce fighting. A simple man, he doesn’t say much but he always enjoys a good fight. His skills and experience allow him to easily beat the Night’s Watch fighters. Tormund has a great sense of humor which makes him look innocent until he sees an enemy in you.


John Snow
The King of the North is one of the characters who have progressed a lot since his first appearance. Serving in Night’s Watch and then living with wildlings has improved his fighting skills massively. After leading the battle for Winterfell, he has proven he is a great commander too.



Arya Stark
From rags to riches, from little girl to “no one” and back to Arya Stark. She knows what she wants to be, which makes her a perfect killer. She is reunited with Needle, a gift from Jon Snow. As Arya is smaller and uses a lighter sword, her fighting style is different from most of the knights as she relies on agility and speed for quick attacks. Brienne fighting Arya would be a great fight due to the comparison of their skills. And she killed the Night King! – What else can be said?