Top 9 Most Hilarious Zombie Flicks


Are you one of those people who get scared easily by zombies? If you are, this is a perfect list of movies for you. See, normally the undead corpses are horrifying killing machines trying to munch on human flesh and fresh juicy brains, but there are movies like Fido and Zombieland that don’t take themselves seriously. Sure there are buckets of blood and miles of rubber guts there, but the humor overwhelms all of that!


Here are top 9 most hilarious zombie flicks!



9. Dawn Of The Dead
The new Dawn of the Dead is definitely more intense than humorous, but what else are you going to do when you’re surrounded by hungry zombies and all you have is infinite ammo? Funny situations write themselves!



8. Fido
Fido is a weird movie, to put it lightly. It’s a straight out comedy with zombies serving the living citizens, and doing all the hard and dirty work around town. Some people do tend to enjoy it!


7. Dead Snow
What’s more hilarious than a bunch of zombies frozen in ice? Only a bunch of Nazi zombies frozen in ice! No, seriously, it’s really dark, and gory, but at the same time funny as hell!

6. Dead and Breakfast
Hey, a whimsical musical can’t be all that bad, right? Nah-nah-nah, this is not some sick version of MJ’s Thriller… although, it does look the part. Okay, maybe the director decided to pay Michael Jackson an homage, with a little twist.



5. Warm Bodies
Ever wanted to see Romeo and Juliet but with a lot of zombies? Say no more! Warm Bodies is a fun take on all those YA movies, and that one musical makeover montage alone is worth all your laughs!


4. Return Of The Living Dead Part 2
Don’t let the trailer fool you, this movie is funny as hell! It may look like a serious horror at first, but you soon realize it’s 90% comedy gold.

3. Army Of Darkness
I’ve been following the misadventures of Ash Williams for at least 15 years now, and all I can say is that with this groovy SOB standing between us and the evil forces, the humanity has nothing to be scared of! The Army of Darkness has become a classic horror comedy decades ago, so you know it’s good stuff.



2. Shaun Of The Dead
Shaun of the Dead is bonkers good. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh even more, because Simon Pegg is in it and it’s swamped with British humor. Best 2 of my life!


1. Zombieland
Hands down the best zombie comedy ever released! There’s no need to talk about it in details because either you’ve already seen it like 5 times, or you’re not into these kinds of movies. Am I right or am I right?