Top 6 Scariest Movie Endings


Some horror movies certainly know how to make the viewers poop their pants, even at the very end, after all’s been said and done. So, yeah, let’s check out some of the scariest horror movie finale’s! Thanks to good people on YouTube who clipped those endings, BTW. You’re the real MVPs!



And, yeah, of course, here’s your big “spoiler alert”! SPOILER ALERT!



“Psycho” (1960)
Such a good boy, he wouldn’t even swat a fly! Or is it “she”? “They”?
Either way, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 “Psycho” had a simple but effective ending that put most of the viewers on edge. At first it’s nothing too horrifying, just psycho-momma’s voice narrating Norman Bates’s thoughts. Sort of. And then there’s that “fly” line, followed by the creepiest freaking grin I’ve ever seen. Norman’s psyche is totally splintered at that moment, making him even more terrifying somehow.

“Insidious” (2010)
One of the best recent horror movies out there, which says a lot, since we get like 10 new ones every year. It’s all about one of those nasty demonic possessions. One may say it’s become a modern classic! When the family finally gets rid of the demon, it turns out … they did a poor job, as Josh is revealed to have been possessed by the evil lady, giving us, viewers, that one last unforgettable jump scare.

“Drag Me to Hell” (2009)
Just when Christine seemingly freed herself from that old witch’s curse, she realizes her boyfriend Clay has that button, she intended to use to break free of said curse. You can literally feel Christine’s hopelessness, as she slowly backs up onto an open train track. And probably gets “dragged to hell”, as the title says.

“[REC]” (2007)
[REC] is certainly one of the better found footage horror flicks, and its final scene has a very good message for the kids – “keep calm and don’t get grabbed”! In the end scene, Ángela and Pablo are trying to evade a demon-possessed girl, and, unfortunately, this plan quickly backfires, as the demon child kicks their asses to hell and back. The ending shows Ángela reaching for her camera as a last resort, and demon finishing her off. Amazing ending.

“Rosemary’s Baby” (1968)
Here’s another oldie on the list. As the movie wraps up, Rosemary starts suspecting that something’s off with her building’s inhabitants, and for some reason her newborn is gone. Finally, she finds her neighbors gathered around her child, who is revealed to be the literal spawn of Satan. And the unsettling music at the end really nails it, pulling that whole scene together.

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)
We’re lead to believe that Nancy Thompson has defeated Freddy once and for all. After she goes outside we see her friends alive, and her mom waving them farewell, as they ride off down the street… in some kind of a demon car? And then the familiar nursery rhyme hits you! And Nancy’s mom is grabbed by Freddy and sucked into the house through that small window, leaving the audience shocked! Thanks to this brilliant trifecta in the ending, A Nightmare on Elm Street will always and forever be the best horror movie.