Top 8 Zombie Movies of All Time


This movie is one of the best in that it serves as an instructional guide to the zombie apocalypse. You will learn some of the main rules you should obey when you deal with zombies as well as valuable life lessons from Woody Harrelson. This flick is a perfect combination of fighting, shooting, jokes and romantic shit, which makes it interesting and quite touching. Also, Bill Murray makes a cameo as himself, and this scene is priceless!

Zombie Nazis? Hell, yeah! Since the history tends to repeat itself, it’s quite a realistic option for our future. So you should watch this movie to know what to expect from this sort of zombies.

‘Planet Terror’

This movie is infested with crazy action scenes and unbelievable plot decisions only Robert Rodriguez could come up with. Let’s say a stripper, whose leg was bit off by a zombie and later replaced with a machine gun is not the craziest thing you will see in this film.

‘Dead Alive’
The story is about a grown-up man who lives with his control freak mother (thence you’ll find the plot relatable). The woman is quite pesky as it is. But after she was bitten by a monkey things turned really nasty. The old woman started to attack neighbors, infecting them with kind of rabies and turning them into zombies. It led to a sequence of events that turned a momma’s boy into a brave butcher who goes on a bloody spree with a lawn mower. By the way, the movie director is Peter Jackson (this guy later directed Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies in case you didn’t know.)

‘Shaun of the Dead’
This is one of the most hilarious zombie movies ever. Clumsy Brits, who, after another night at the local pub, found their streets invaded by zombies, decide to fight against them in their unique way. The flick will put you in an awesome mood.

’28 Days Later’
28 days after a strange virus spreads throughout the UK just a handful of people are left unscathed. In order to stay alive they have to escape from all those who were infected and turned into zombies, that are, by the way, fast as hell and don’t even have to bite you to turn you into one of them. Even if their saliva appears on a person’s skin – you have 20 seconds to shoot that person in the head.

‘Night of the Living Dead’
This George Romero classic flick is the ancestor of all the other zombie movies. Even though the film is black and white, it doesn’t mean it’s not scary and/or bloody. There are many scenes that can freak out even the most die-hard fans.

‘Dawn of the Dead’ (2004)

This is one of those rare cases when a remake is as good and sometimes even better than the original. It’s not a surprise thanks to directors like Zack Snyder. It seems like all cool directors have to start their career with a zombie flick. Unlike Romero’s slowpoke zombies in the original movie, Snyder’s ones are as fast as Usain Bolt. The lack of originality of Zack Snyder’s picture is profusely compensated by a huge portion of humor and non-stop gut-ripping action.