This Is What Happens When The Zookeepers Get Bored At Work (15 Pics)


While celebrating the Zookeeper’s Day, one of the Zoos in Minnesota decided to do a fun little photoshoot to make that day more memorable. What do you think they did? Gave away free pet monkeys to the kids? Maybe let the visitors feed the wild beasts from their hands? OR! Or… They pit various animals into an arena to see who’s the strongest one there is? Yeah, it’s definitely one of those three.


Okay, okay, it’s none of those. In reality, the zookeepers pretended they were animals and took photos of themselves doing animal stuff. And I don’t mean the naughty things, of course. Sleeping like camels, getting their belly rubbed like a seal, pretending to be a millipede… you know, all the fun stuff!


Take a look at what they’ve come up with! I’m sure you’ll go “aww” at least a few times. Glad to see that the zoo staff aren’t in that business just for the money, but that they also love all these critters. Enjoy!



1. The belly rub hype is real! Also, look at that girl’s face, wow.



2. Our heroes in a half-shell munching on salad.



3. There’s the millipede. Gotta give it to them, that’s pretty neat.

4. Whatcha doin’? Just hangin’…



5. At least the zookeepers are not humping!

6. A 2 in 1, eh? Not bad.



7. “It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?”



8. Hay there, stranger

9. This is so gosh toot’n cute!



10. More seals!

11. Are they doing sit-ups? I can relate.



12. Camels are nice, but I don’t like them.



13. Just pigging out.

14. That’s one huge beaver!



15. Aww, this is my spirit animal. In fact, I’m so lazy I don’t think I’ll even finish this sen