These Game of Thrones Filming Locations Make For A Perfect Holiday Destination


Whether you like Game of Thrones or not, it’s hard to deny that the locations used for filming look amazing. Somehow our tiny planet has everything we need to make the image of George R.R. Martin’s world come to life. And if it doesn’t, we put some CGI on top of it and computerize the heck out of whatever Mother Nature hasn’t provided.


That said, most sets used in Game of Thrones are actual, real locations. Which means that – given you have the time and money – you can visit them! And if you really want to annoy the locals, dress up like someone from Game of Thrones, staying in character throughout your entire stay in the village. You can even pick your character in advance and go on holiday to whatever location that character would best fit in. Nobody wants to be a Stark in King’s Landing after what happened to good ol’ Eddard, but Winterfell should still be fine, right? Anyway, let’s take a look at some amazing filming locations for Game of Thrones. Start saving for your trip next year.



The Alcazar; Seville, Spain — The Water Gardens of Dorne
This can be seen in season five. It’s the private residence of the House of Martell and who can blame them? It looks gorgeous.



Dubrovnik, Croatia — King’s Landing
Dubrovnik by now has gotten tired of the Game of Thrones tourism, but it’s only natural people would go visit King’s Landing whenever they’d get the chance.

Doune Castle, Scotland — Winterfell
Although this castle was only used as castle Winterfell in the pilot episode of the series, it’s still a wonderful 14th-century castle that’s worth visiting. They also filmed Monty Python and the Holy Grail here, by the way.



Klis, Croatia — Meereen
Klis can be seen in season four of the series. Croatia is always gorgeous, so this won’t disappoint.

Essaouira, Morocco — Astapor
A real army of Unsullied can not be bought in Essaouira, they tell me. Damn it.



Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland — Vaes Dothrak
This landscape is best known as the place where all the Khals meet and where Viserys finally got his crown.

Grjótagjá, Iceland — Jon and Ygritte’s Cave
It’s literally the only scene that was filmed here, but we might as well add it in. Reenactment of the actual scene is at your own discretion.



Ballintoy Harbour; County Antrim, Ireland — the Iron Islands
This Irish fishing village turned out to be the perfect place to film the Iron Islands scenes.

Castle Ward, Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland — Winterfell
After the first episode of the series, Castle Ward was used as a stand-in for Winterfell. It’s like the Starks’ home away from home.



Fort Manoel, Malta — The Great Sept of Baelor
This is where ol’ Ned got his head chopped off.

Girona, Spain — Braavos
If you ever would want to become a Faceless Man, Girona is the place where you’d need to go.