These Are The Sci-Fi Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now


We all love a good sci-fi show every now and then, but between Netflix, Amazon, regular tv and whatever the hell you want, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with what’s good and what’s not.


Let’s take a look at some sci-fi shows that are worth your precious time right now.



Altered Carbon (Netflix)
It’s a mature show about future life where people swap bodies like they swap a car and put their mind on data discs so they essentially become immortal. It’s got loads of cyberpunk stuff in it, it has a great story and good actors. Go check it out!



Black Mirror (Netflix)
This isn’t as much a tv series as it’s a standalone series of separate episodes that each tackle a different subject. Every episode introduces some sort of technological advancement and goes deep into the repercussions of that technology.


Westworld (HBO)
If you’re not watching this already, I find it hard to think you’re a sci-fi fan. It’s a show about a theme park where rich people come to live their darkest desires – be it crime or glory. It’s inhabited by robots who follow scripted storylines and it wouldn’t be HBO if stuff didn’t go south pretty fast.

Doctor Who (BBC)
I mean, we have the first female doctor coming up, seems like as good a time as any to get into the longest running sci-fi show that’s still on the air right now.


Rick And Morty (Adult Swim)
Genius but alcoholic grandfather takes dim-witted grandson out on intergalactic adventures? Yes please!

Star Trek: Discovery (CBS)
It might sound ridiculous, but it’s the facelift the Star Trek tv series needed. It feels more modern, more slick and it’s action-packed. It’s also a prequel series to the original Star Trek, so no prior Trekkie experience is needed.


Stranger Things (Netflix)
I doubt there’s much more I need to tell you about this sci-fi/horror show. It deals with a bunch of children, alternate dimensions, bald girl with telekinetic powers and hysterical mothers. What more could you ask for?