Then And Now: 16 Hollywood Stars From The 90’s Who Used To Be In Everything!


Doesn’t it feel like the 90’s were just a couple of years ago? I’m fairly certain there are people in this boat who also can’t let go of the past. It’s been almost 27 years since 1990, when a brave British mother brought Emma Watson into this scary world, and mere 17 years since the Y2K virus threatened to destroy our civilization. Throughout these years there were actresses who made all of us fall in love with them, or their characters, but for some reason we think the most fondly of the 90’s stars. They quite literally turned men’s heads when they passed by. We’ve seen them in almost every magazine, on our TV and movie screens, but only the luckiest of us saw these fabulous starlets with their own two eyes.


Would you like to take a stroll down memory lane, to the time when celebrities were an integral part of our lives? Hop in, and take a good look at these 16 Hollywood stars from the 90’s and early 2000’s, who used to be in everything, from weird TV commercials, to blockbuster movies. Oh and while we’re visiting them in the past, let’s also see what they look like today!



1. Carmen Electra




2. Charlize Theron



3. Angelina Jolie

4. Denise Richards



5. Monica Bellucci



6. Andy McDowell

7. Sarah Chock



8. Gwen Stefani



9. Courteney Cox

10. Tara Reed



11. Winona Ryder

12. Natalie Portman



13. Jennifer Lopez



14. Catherine Zeta Jones

15. Jennifer Aniston



16. Kate Beckinsale