The Most Gripping True Crime Series on TV Right Now


TV shows have never been in a better position than they are. There’s dozens of channels in the air and every genre of series probably has hundreds of decent choices for you to watch. One of those genres that’s been on the rise in the last few years is the true crime series. Contrary to the CSI’s of this world, true crime series take events that actually happened and build their TV show around it. While they’re not always exactly true to the events that transpired, they at least get the big parts right. The fact that it’s all based on true events only makes the tension that more real and palpable.


If you want to dive deeper into this relatively new genre, here’s a few of the best true crime series you can find right now.



Making A Murderer
The show that probably started the fascination with true crime series, this Netflix hit told the story of Steven Avery and how he was allegedly framed for murder.

Killing Fields
This show retells the story of a few difficult cases that puzzled the police force of the bayou. It’s still on-going and I suppose the bayou has enough crime to keep this series going for at least a few more seasons!

American Crime Story: OJ Simpson
The story of America’s most famous murder trial, the people vs OJ Simpson, finally put into a TV series.

Confessions of A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes
America’s had many serial killers, but none so fascinating as Ted Bundy. Having killed probably over a hundred women, Ted leaves us plenty of fuel for a TV series that takes you deeper in one of the darkest minds of our history.

The Keepers
This cold case from the late 60’s regarding the disappearance and murder of a nun still leaves everyone with goosebumps. The killer still hasn’t been found, but Netflix is trying to put the pieces together.

The Act
This chilling story of a mother that gets killed by her daughter after years of abuse that were the direct result of a severe case of Munchausen by proxy is getting amazing reviews across the board and is certainly worth a watch.