The Most Disappointing Superhero Movie Costumes


It’s hard to imagine superhero movies not being as awesome as they are right now, but there used to be a time when a superhero movie in theaters was a hard pass. It’s only since the creation of the MCU that this type of movies has become a good way to spend ten bucks.


But apart from the movies not always being of stellar quality, there’s also the costume issue. Some superhero movies had the worst possible costume for their characters, at which point you don’t really care how good the movie is anymore. It’s just two hours of disappointed sighs at the screen.


Let’s take a look at some superhero movie costumes that are a bigger disappointment than I am to my parents.



Daredevil – Ben Affleck
Well, I mean, the costume kind of fit. But this was back in the day when we didn’t know that copy-pasting costumes from comic books doesn’t always translate to the silver screen very well.



Deadpool – Ryan Reynolds
Before Ryan Reynolds was a good Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds was this Deadpool.

The Thing – Michael Chiklis
I guess they thought “man made of rocks” pretty much meant “man in a very obvious rock suit”. Surprise: it didn’t.

Captain America – Matt Salinger
Again, copy-pasting the comic book costume doesn’t always translate well to the silver screen. And yes, that shield does look an awful lot like a painted trash can lid.



Catwoman – Halle Berry
It’s hardly a full suit, it’s more like leather underwear with sleeves and a mask. I guess this is how they did “sexy and playful” back in the day.

Superman – Brandon Routh
Those colors just did not match very well, did they.

Batman – George Clooney
I’ve got two words for you here: nipple suit.



Juggernaut – Vinnie Jones
Contrary to what is claimed in the movie, that’s not the Juggernaut, bro!

Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds
You knew this was coming. As Deadpool said: “don’t make the suit green – or animated.”