The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes


While TV and movies are full of super romantic moments and dreamy kisses, we know that filming those is anything but romantic. There’s just no way actors and actresses can enjoy it with a room full of people watching them do it, cameras pointed at them all while being directed on how to move, which way to face. But they’re professionals, so they make it look good most of the time. However, today we want to focus on the kissing scenes that looked as awkward on-screen as we imagine they must’ve been to film.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

While in the books there’s more time for these two to figure out their feelings in the movies it looked awkward, to say the least. That kissing scene between Hermione and Ron was very strange, anything but romantic and even the actors have admitted that it was a very weird day and it felt weird. They’ve known each other for years, they grew up together, it felt like kissing a sibling.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 | The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes | Zestradar

Pitch Perfect 2

While this on-screen kiss between Amy and Bumper was definitely awkward on purpose, we can’t help but cringe at it. It’s got to be one of the weirdest kisses in movie history and we’re pretty sure actors Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine are super proud of getting that title. They both love comedy and have brilliant comedic timing.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 | The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes | Zestradar

The Tourist

Isn’t it weird that while Angelina Jolie is known for being one of the most beautiful women in the world and has a very successful movie career, she really couldn’t make this on-screen kiss with Johnny Depp to work? They just looked so freaking awkward, no one found that kiss to be believable. Even Johnny Depp admitted that it was an awkward situation.

The Tourist | The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes | Zestradar

The Passengers

The kiss in The Passengers was awkward on many levels. On one hand, it’s weird cause you know that Jim woke up Aurora on purpose for selfish reasons and therefore their whole weird relationship is creepy. Secondly, it’s hella awkward when you find out that Jennifer Lawrence was so freaked out by the idea of kissing her married co-star that she got drunk to be able to do it.

The Passengers | The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes | Zestradar

Silver Linings Playbook

You might think, oh no, Jennifer Lawrence again? Is she just bad at online kisses? But turns out this time the kiss was awkward because of her co-star Bradley Cooper. He has admitted that after their first online kiss Jennifer said “oh you’re a wet kisser”, which was definitely not great for his ego. But in the movie the kiss is awkward because both of the characters are so weird and unstable that you just feel weird watching them kiss, it just doesn’t feel right.

Silver Linings Playbook | The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes | Zestradar

The Spectacular Now

Most of the kisses in this movie always happen at a very weird time, and while they already look awkward, it’s only amplified by Miles Teller’s interviews in which he said that his co-star Shailene Woodley was really into these weird Chinese supplements that smelled bad and tasted like dirt. That couldn’t have been nice or enjoyable for either of them.

The Spectacular Now | The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes | Zestradar

Twilight Eclipse

We can all agree that the whole Twilight franchise was weird. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart still managed to make everything awkward even though they were dating at the time. And yet that kiss between Bella and Jacob has to be one of the most awkward kisses we’ve ever seen. Massive cringe alert.

Twilight Eclipse | The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes | Zestradar

We’re The Millers

This on-screen kiss just takes the jackpot of awkwardness. First, there’s the whole age difference issue between Jennifer Aniston who was in her 40s at the time and Will Poulter who was barely 20. But then there’s implied incest in the movie, which we know is not true cause the characters aren’t a family and they’re just masquerading as a family, but still. It’s hella awkward to watch.

We’re The Millers | The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes | Zestradar