The Big Bang Theory: How Our Favorite Characters Have Changed Since Season 1


I cannot believe the Big Bang Theory is over. If you haven’t watched this show, too bad, because you are missing out big time. No words can describe how much I love this show and how it changed my life. It’s so hard these days to find a TV show that inspires us and makes us laugh. It teaches us about science, friendship, and love. This sitcom speaks to us about our generation and shows how hard it is to be a millennial. Every single character on the show is so special in their own way. This is why I would like to take a moment and have a look at the most drastic evolution of our favorite characters.
Penny changed a lot. She obviously grew up. At the beginning of the show, she was a classic “girl next door” character who couldn’t pay her bills working in the Cheesecake Factory and stuck in the vicious circle of bad relationships. But what we have in the final season? Penny got a well-paid job at the pharmaceutical company, married Leonard, moved in with him and now has a baby on the way. She’s literally the complete opposite of her initial character.

First of all, he finally married the love of his life, Penny. He had a crush on her since the moment he saw her across the hall. Second, do you remember how he could barely string sentences together, mumbling and bumbling all the time? As he gained more confidence and success, his pattern of speech changed drastically as well.

When we first met Bernadette, she was a waitress just like Penny at the Cheesecake Factory, pursuing her PhD in microbiology. At the end of the show, she gets her PhD, finds a well-paid job at the pharmaceutical company, and becomes a mother. That’s the most interesting part of Bernadette’s evolution. We all know she never wanted to have kids, but her love for Howard made her change her mind.

Howard is a family man now, can you believe it? It was hard to believe that Howard would ever settle down. However, he’s now married to Bernadette, has 3 kids and he’s been to space. Out of all the characters on the show, I think Howard has been through the most changes.

Amy is a classic example of an awkward nerdy kid who was growing up having no friends. While being a brilliant scientist, it seemed like she had zero social communication skills. Her evolution on the show is also tremendous. She’s no longer socially awkward, she has FRIENDS, she’s married to Sheldon, and it looks like they’ve finally overcome their issues with intimacy. Oh, and yeah, her and Sheldon won a Nobel prize.

This guy was a real handful back then. Just like Amy, he had zero social skills, had problems building personal relationships, a man of habit who wouldn’t except any changes. But look at him now! He’s married to Amy! He respects his superiors. He cares for his friends (in his own way, of course). He continues chasing his scientific dreams, and he won a Nobel prize!

The biggest change for Raj would be the fact that he finally overcomes his fear to talk to women. We even find him in the middle of the love triangle. Remember when he was dating 2 women at the same time? Oh, and he’s finally managing his own finances… sort of.